Three things that I’m totally obsessing over these days with home interiors are…layered rugs, tables full of plants, and folding screens.

Yes, folding screens, I’m totally LOVING them. Secretly I have been coveting them for years. More please!

Next thing that has been rocking my world is layered rugs, not just a rug over a sisal as seen above. Oh no…loving multiple rugs creating a layered quilt of colors, textures and shapes.

And my last must have, is tables full of plants. Indoor gardens. Well, garden…might be stretching it. More like a small collection.

Instead of scattering them around, place them all in one area, most importantly use heights and textures in your presentation. This makes one hell of a great visual presence to any room, especially a main floor living area.

Design on People,


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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify…


In today’s home marketplace you can find just about every point of view for interior design styling.

But, no matter what that desired “style” direction may be.  Clutter and piles of “stuff” will destroy it!

I LOVE to live simple, cozy and most importantly, uncluttered.  As much as I enjoy home styles that reflect a light, bright and sparse feel, that is not my desired living style.

I LOVE texture, color, and most important of all, layers.  But one thing that you will never find in my home is clutter or piles of “stuff.”  On that note, I can be a bit obsessive on PUTTING THINGS AWAY, but I’m not about hyper-organization either.  For example, folding:


I know that the Konmari (Marie Kondo) discipline of organizing is very popular.  But contrary to her teachings, I like things to be hung.  Mainly because of wrinkles, plus I actually enjoy walking into my closet and seeing what I have to select from.  The number one thing that I will agree with on her philosophy is, that everything that I own, must bring me JOY.  It will not be in my place if I dislike it, or have it just to fill a space. I will never have pieces of clothes that I do not like 100%, damaged, or don’t fit.

I could easily live in 1000 square feet, but only if that 1000 is perfectly planned out and designed.  That would be my own version of a “Tiny House.”


As much as I like to be organized and enjoy looking at things that are “aesthetically pleasing,” labeling…way to “Martha” for me.  Example:


But, if someone would like to come to my house and do this for me….great!

For me, it’s not about organizing, it’s more about LETTING IT GO!


So, instead of trying to conform, how about clean out?  Purging feels so good, and yes I mean really clean out.  Stop saying, “But I might need that one day.”  If you haven’t used in a year or two, you need to let it go.

Most important, stop buying and wasting money on “stuff.”  Here is a list of things to consider cutting back on purchasing.

Bottle Water ( 8 oz.)



Seasonal Decor

Home Decor Filler “Stuff”

Trend Clothing


Expensive Cosmetics (Do you really 20 lip shades?  Or 30 nail polishes?)

Dryer Sheets (Use dryer balls-less chemicals on clothes.)

Impulsive Buying of Any Kind…Especially Food.

Have your home represent a style, but more importantly have it be a welcoming sanctuary, not just to your guests, but to you!

Enjoy! Now go clean out the closets, garage, attic, basement, even the trunk of your car.



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Print and Surface Design Desires…


I have a passion for creating and I’m always looking for new ways to express myself.  Currently, I’m enjoying digital pattern design for the home textile and art print market.




Here are some digital art prints…that I have created.




Keep Designing,


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Welcome, 2019…


Welcoming a new year always means ushering in new design directions for the home.  Many feel that trends are of no interest to them.  I can completely understand that point, in fact, in my home, cozy, comfortable, and welcoming will always take precedent.  Of course in an orderly and stylish way!

I have witnessed how even staunch traditionists like adding a piece or two of new fashion flair to their homes.  Just to keep it feeling fresh.

No matter what our chosen style is, we must create a home that makes us feel comfortable and of course liveable.  And sometimes liveable or in this case, function overrides form.

Seeing how “liveable” spaces are the priority in home design, we have been seeing the disappearance of many “classic” elements that no longer fit our modern lifestyle.  Such as the formal dining room. I’m not saying if you have a formal dining room, that your home is not designed properly or outdated.  Absolutely not.  All that I’m stating is that the consumers are tired of wasted space, and they want their home to reflect them.  So, no matter what the trend reflects, everything is a personal choice.  Now with that disclaimer, bring on what is hot and what is not as the design stalking continues.



Wallpaper, you will see this continue to grow stronger and stronger in the coming months.  People are growing tired of plain walls.


Color has been in the marketplace for years and it’s only getting stronger.  People are bored of safe tone on tone interior reflections.  Even if the consumer still cannot create an entire room filled with color, they certainly feel comfortable adding a few more bright and colorful accessories.


Though this room reflects a neutral vibe, the art is what makes the space.  It pops, it’s bold and it’s round (so out-of-the-box in not a pun kind of way). LOVE!

And people, please stop trying to match your art to the furniture.  That’s not design, that’s Grr Animals.


Loose the gray or beige sofas go for the green, purple or even teal.  Jewel tones are killing it.  In fact, if you’re really smart, buy a jewel-toned printed sofa.  Okay, we’re getting crazy in here!


Keep the organic touches coming, anything made from jute, hemp, or a major player pottery.  Think sustainable!


In fact, fill a mantle or a console table with these curated lovelies.  Mix heights, styles, and colors.  Homes are crying out to be layered, styled in mixed patterned fabrics, mix modern and vintage…create drama!

Now…for what we’re growing tired of.


Granite countertops and cherry cabinets…gee really?


Accents walls!  I was tired of that 18 years ago.


Ikat..or any version of!


Fiber arts…thank goodness that should have stayed in the 70’s and never came back!


Everything the same vibe, in this case, mid-century.  Way too cold and stoic.


Mudcloth prints.


Minimalism…thank you!  Goodbye to rooms without color and texture, or spa-like rooms.


And the last “not” for this post…Terrazzo floors!  Which I never thought they were stylish, too commercial for homes.  But perfect for the restaurants, hospitals, office space!

Well…I hope your 2019 is even more fabulous than what you envisioned, Happy New Year!



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Together Again…At Last!


Joan C. Kueker

November 3rd, 2018


                      Richard W. Kueker 

                        August 2nd, 1980

Design Stalking…

CB 2 has been Gooped!


Being from Chicago the birthplace of Crate and Barrel and it’s offshoot CB 2, I always enjoy watching the visual presentation of their product development.  Plus, CB 2 appeals to my frugal side for great interesting finds.

With that said…welcome to the latest collaboration of CB 2 and Goop.  This one I’m not so excited about.  Though the lines of the products are great, very Parisian salon or London loft “vibe”.  It’s the price points where they lost me.

We’re constantly being presented with newer, cheaper, more…concepts from every angle.   This collaboration of CB 2 is nothing new in the importance of always needing to keep fresh and relevant in the marketplace.   But this tried and true blogger just loves to keep it REAL and simple no matter what the “marketplace” is stating as the new must-have or best direction.

CB 2’s other designer and artists I find much more interesting and with realistic price points too.  Such as Bryn.


My favorite aspect of the CB 2 site, besides great new products.  Is when they interview the designer asking them simple questions on their inside perspective.

LOVE that…it’s a little like driving around at night and looking into people’s houses to see how they decorated.


I will always be heading to CB 2 for major basics like this mirror.  But the Goop collection?  Here is one of the products, a fantastic black basket.  I’m sure that it’s made from the finest abaca hemp.  Very Goopie!Goop

But sorry Gwenth, not for $299.00 for one!

Design on people,


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Desiring a Touch of Gold? These Are a Must Have…

 Gold Planter

As a designer I see trends come and go.  And with the alchemy of metals occurring now in home trends, gold will be here to stay for a while.

Many are not comfortable doing any type of permanent fixturing in gold!  But, I would totally do it in a pop of an accessory here and there to freshen up a room.

REAL plants are the rage again, so these planters at WEST ELM, are so beyond fabulous especially for the price!

Gold Planter 2

Don’t have a green thumb?  No worries.  The planter above is a great place to store birch logs by a fireplace (or in a non-working fireplace).

Design on people,


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