Life continually brings you options…and it’s those very options or choices that I feel that propel you forward in life.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, I learned very early on that I wanted to have a voice in the world.  I didn’t need to be a power player-just someone who designed her own life on her own terms.  If there has been one common thread that ran throughout my entire life…it has been, “if I’m not happy I need to move on.”  That philosophy covers all areas of my life, whether it is a career, a job, a homestead and that is especially so with relationships.

Starting off in the world after college as a visual designer, then on to be a set stylist is how I started to see the visual artistry of life.  This is what gave me drive in life.   My greatest accomplishment came with the design of my own business, a home design consulting service.  In 2006 that service evolved into the creation of my own retail storefront.  Life brought changes…and my goal now more than ever is to move through all things with EASE, GRACE,  but most of all with LOVE.

Setting a mood, a feeling, or just creating an atmosphere of comfort completely enthralls me.  My name is Gail J. Kueker, and even though I might not refer to that name when posting here on this blog, I designed it for the sheer expression and LOVE I have for great design.  Combining my infatuation with fashion and home design,  painting and writing I feel that this is a great vehicle for those passions.

Let’s share and INSPIRE!



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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary Bonner says:

    This is awesome!!


    • Inspire says:

      Thank you Mary…so great to see your name after so many years! What many do not know is that technically Mary was my very first decorating client! I used to help re-arrange her bedroom when we were kids…LOL!


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