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Needing a Touch of PINK Today…

Pink Rooster



Just because…we can all use a little softness in our life sometimes!

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Bad Closet Doors to Bad Ass Closet Doors…

Closet Doors

This is such a great idea!  For those that have accordion doors…and can’t update to a barn door or just have no desire. This is such a FABULOUS idea!

Cover the doors in fabric and edge with a nail head trim. Genius!

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PJ 2

This is a brand new Phillip Jeffries wallpaper…made with a very thin layer of wood and framed with silver foil! Asolutely stunning in person.  This is a perfect alternative to those who would like an intresting ceiling treatment but do not have the budget for major millwork.

By placing this wallpaper on the ceiling or the walls it instantly elivates the room’s level of sophistacation and presense!



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Why didn’t I think of that…


When designing…sometimes we all get a little jaded!  But this is something that my clients have really been enjoying.

They LOVE the fact that they can have an ottoman…but when they want a harder surface for beverage placement or for something that would need a little more support.  That’s when we have put a cocktail table over the ottoman…one that has wheels on it…so you can pull it in…or to push it out!

Works for me!


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Love Me a Good…NO Great Tone on Tone Design Direction…


When creating tone on tone design…it must also include use of major texture interest! Example A…this fabulous hallway made even more fabulous with all of this trim molding!


Also LOVING how fresh the lighter floors feels especially within this beautifully created neutral tone on tone designed home.



Once again texture takes precedent here in the tile presentation.

Interiors by Gretchen Black and JS Home Design.


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New Directions with Tile…


Get your HEX on!



Hex “old school patterns” revisited!


Return of fire clay’s in great new patterns and shapes!



Moroccan Zellige tiles with their texture and shine come in a wide selection of colors and they’re total show stoppers!

tiling8So…go get your tile on!

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Where’s your Powder Room?


No matter your choice of style preference…I feel the powder room is a fabulous place to go bold!

This is the perfect area for those who don’t feel comfortable going BOLD in a main room.  Bath designed by…Fawn Galli.


I LOVE this bath…LOVE the fusion of Traditional and Transitional…and can we have a moment for those fabulous lights…OMG!


Incredible cartouche’s on the wall! Master Bath designed by Tara Shaw.


This one is my personal favorite!  Loving everything about this collection, from the re-purposed vanity and mirror.  The best part, the indirect lighting of lamps-instead of wall mounted lighting.  Bath designed by-Darryl Carter.

These baths are the part of interior design I prefer…where art meets interior design…for the great presentations!  Not just contrived collections.

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