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What I’m Obsessing Over This Week…


White-Black-Gold! Simply LOVE!  Love the blending of vintage and new…



So fabulous!


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Wall of Rose’s…


This fabulous creation is 40″ x 60″ of REAL cream roses that will never dry out. Almost to large to capture in picture!


Because of the delicacy it is encased behind plastic…this way it will last for years!


Two tones of gray-silver glitter drip from the flowers!


Something very special for just that right spot!

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Emerald a COLOR to ENVY…


I’m totally obsessing over emerald green sofa’s!


So rich…and luxurious!




What is your obsession?


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Sheading a Little Light on the Matter…

I have an outdoor space that I would LOVE to have some lighting featured…and though I LOVE the globe outdoor lights in patio spaces…I don’t have any electrical running to that area…and I do not want to see cords running everywhere.  So I have decided to re-create something that I used to have in my store.

TA-DA!  A hanging branch!

Outdoor Lighting

Nothing MAJOR or new…but quite resourceful.  I love that fact that you can hang jars with candles in them…for that perfect romantic touch!  No cords!

OutdoorL2Possibly creating this feeling…LOVE!


Hope that Inspires you!


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LOVE Me Some BoHo…


Just like the runways in Paris…this room is an overstated example of the Bohemian trend that is rapidly ascending all around.

When Pottery Barn starts producing their own BoHo style pillows…then you know that this vibe will be here for awhile. Granted you might not go to the lengths that the above picture depicts.  But two or three fabulously colorful pillows on your sofa…is totally on point!


True BoHo style is all about mixing textures and patterns.



So add some fresh punches of BoHo color today in your casa for Summer!

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My Obession this Week…

Great foyer’s with simple and clean presentations…oh…and round mirrors too!  When there is a combination of the two…totally on point!


Fabulous!  Love the pouf!  Round mirror…beyond!  Stylist has been here alert…your lamps are not plugged in…but perfect for the shot!


LOVE the casual simplicity of this one!



Hope you were able to grab some inspiration!








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Can I get some help online please?


Absolutely!  In fact everywhere you go on the internet…someone is bringing you another unique avenue to acquire a fabulous new and shiny something or other.  Because we as consumer’s feel that we don’t have enough something or others, and for a small sum that new shiny something or other, will totally change your life and miraculously be the answer that you have been looking for.

This prostitution of goods and services is running amuck in the home décor world these days.

The online competition for pricing these fabulous home goods…made my life HE%# as a Interior Designer at a firm here in Dallas.  Clients calling you daily stating…”well I just saw it online for…”  Seriously?

With Polyvore, Joss and Main, One King’s Lane all being ushered in by the Grandfather’s of online shopping experience creator’s like, Ebay (yes Ebay) and so many more.  This is now the “go to” avenue for most consumer’s to select items for their home.  Period THE END!

With furniture, rugs and art flying off the web into those bursting brown trucks…those poor driver’s…to be delivered to your door faster than you gather up the kid’s and grab the diaper bag.

No wonder the next step up is…INTERIOR DESIGN R US.  Yep…you can now get someone to pull all of that stuff together, and make a lovely presentation board for you for a very small sum of around $80.00!



I state all of this quite sardonically,  because being a business owner at one time…I always applaud a great business model.  In fact in one of my many past lives I was a photo-stylist/set designer and I even incorporated a similar type of service in my own business.  I used call it e*design, I would review pictures that people would email me of their room or rooms; and would critique what they could do to improve that space.

E*design or virtual interior design is definitely the wave of the future.  I believe in this very strongly.   People need convenience and simplicity, and this is another way of obtaining it.  Power on Havenly!




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