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Welcome, 2019…


Welcoming a new year always means ushering in new design directions for the home.  Many feel that trends are of no interest to them.  I can completely understand that point, in fact, in my home, cozy, comfortable, and welcoming will always take precedent.  Of course in an orderly and stylish way!

I have witnessed how even staunch traditionists like adding a piece or two of new fashion flair to their homes.  Just to keep it feeling fresh.

No matter what our chosen style is, we must create a home that makes us feel comfortable and of course liveable.  And sometimes liveable or in this case, function overrides form.

Seeing how “liveable” spaces are the priority in home design, we have been seeing the disappearance of many “classic” elements that no longer fit our modern lifestyle.  Such as the formal dining room. I’m not saying if you have a formal dining room, that your home is not designed properly or outdated.  Absolutely not.  All that I’m stating is that the consumers are tired of wasted space, and they want their home to reflect them.  So, no matter what the trend reflects, everything is a personal choice.  Now with that disclaimer, bring on what is hot and what is not as the design stalking continues.



Wallpaper, you will see this continue to grow stronger and stronger in the coming months.  People are growing tired of plain walls.


Color has been in the marketplace for years and it’s only getting stronger.  People are bored of safe tone on tone interior reflections.  Even if the consumer still cannot create an entire room filled with color, they certainly feel comfortable adding a few more bright and colorful accessories.


Though this room reflects a neutral vibe, the art is what makes the space.  It pops, it’s bold and it’s round (so out-of-the-box in not a pun kind of way). LOVE!

And people, please stop trying to match your art to the furniture.  That’s not design, that’s Grr Animals.


Loose the gray or beige sofas go for the green, purple or even teal.  Jewel tones are killing it.  In fact, if you’re really smart, buy a jewel-toned printed sofa.  Okay, we’re getting crazy in here!


Keep the organic touches coming, anything made from jute, hemp, or a major player pottery.  Think sustainable!


In fact, fill a mantle or a console table with these curated lovelies.  Mix heights, styles, and colors.  Homes are crying out to be layered, styled in mixed patterned fabrics, mix modern and vintage…create drama!

Now…for what we’re growing tired of.


Granite countertops and cherry cabinets…gee really?


Accents walls!  I was tired of that 18 years ago.


Ikat..or any version of!


Fiber arts…thank goodness that should have stayed in the 70’s and never came back!


Everything the same vibe, in this case, mid-century.  Way too cold and stoic.


Mudcloth prints.


Minimalism…thank you!  Goodbye to rooms without color and texture, or spa-like rooms.


And the last “not” for this post…Terrazzo floors!  Which I never thought they were stylish, too commercial for homes.  But perfect for the restaurants, hospitals, office space!

Well…I hope your 2019 is even more fabulous than what you envisioned, Happy New Year!



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Timeless Furniture…

Club Chair4

I’m obsessed with these chairs…classic art deco club chairs!


This particular chair along with a Chesterfield sofa…TIMELESS!  They can be dropped into any interior and you instantly warm it up with its effortless elegance.

Club Chair 2

The more weathered the leather…the more I personally like it!

Design On…People!




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Decor Trends 2019 LOVE it or Leave it…


Trends: discovering what is new and exciting is always kind of interesting whether you’re in the market for a change or not.  Some designer’s go to furniture markets twice a year every year, which can be quite a feat, even for seasoned veteran’s.  But, that’s just one of the areas where you can see the newest in home decor for the CONSUMER.

I LOVE hearing about the latest design trends!  But many will still prefer to opt out of trends!  Why?  Well, mainly because they’re a lot of tried and true preferred traditional styling for the home.  Usually, those who prefer traditional decor prefer the CLASSICS…hoping there will be less of a chance of having a date stamp on the items they buy.  Unfortunately, no matter when you buy a traditional piece or any other particular “style” direction…your lucky if you get a good 10, the most 15 years out of it…before it starts to look old and dated.

My personal style direction is a decor of mixed fushion when styling a home.  I like to combine the new feels with the old (vintage) for that eclectic look.  But my vintage pieces will still need to have updated fabrics on them.  Otherwise, it’s just an old sofa, chair or bench!

I feel that no matter what your preferred design direction is traditional, new traditional, mid-century, modern, or just that fabulous “lived in look.”  Having an updated kitchen and bath are the major go too’s for that FRESH and fabulous look, plus it’s great for resale.

With that stated, even though these photos depict a more modern aesthetic, there are ways to incorporate modern touches to ALL design styles and feel.  So with that said…here is what HOT and new for KITCHENS 2019 and going forward.


Unique or hidden vent hoods!


Flat front cabinets…with hidden or no hardware!


Waterfall countertops on islands…LOVE 4″ depth myself!


Continous sinks (LOVING the concrete) with light to medium wood tone cabinets.  And of course still seeing painted cabinets too!


LOVING the white subway tile…so fresh and classic!HDesign8

WALLS…not just backsplashes…of marble!  Chevron floors!


Float cabinetry and use mixed metals!  This is my favorite way of doing mixed metal look, use black or oil rubbed bronze combined with a gold or a silver!

Design on people,




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Who Doesn’t Like A Good Tile Job…


When creating a new tile presentation or re-doing an old one…why not GO ENCAUSTIC?

If you’re designing a room or entire house most consumers main objective is to create something that is timeless.  This is virtually impossible, the only way you can possibly create timelessness is with pure white…but even with that color choice…tile and design sizes change through the decades.

For instance what you like now, might not be what you would like or fashionable 10 years from now.  Plus, the colorways that are currently strong, will not be the same tones desired 10 to 15 years from now.

Take green for example…90’s it was Sage Green, 2000’s it was Chartreuse Green’s, and now for 2010’s it Emerald Green.


So trying to stay classic and clean?  Stay neutral!

Though beige years are really “so last decade”, we are now currently enthralled with the gray tones.  Or dare I say “gray-eige”, for those who still embrace, tans and beige tones!




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Needing a Touch of PINK Today…

Pink Rooster



Just because…we can all use a little softness in our life sometimes!

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No Lives Have Ever Been Lost from Design Errors…

But you would think that…when a Designer creates an error even with something as simple as a pillow.  That life support needs to be on stand-by.

Here are 10 ways that Designers like to create that unique stamp on a room!HomeDesign6

  1.  Comfort is the key to Great Design.

  2.  Create Impact walls with Art not just color!

  3. Do NOT over Design the room…most importantly CONTRIVED ROOMS are BORING!

Home Design

4. Buy the BEST you can!

5. Gathered rooms create interest…something old, something new, something black, something shiny, and add lots of textures.

6. Stop doing DECORATIVE Bed…instead create FASHIONABLY Functional beds!



7.  Layer, layer and for gosh sake LAYER…with color and textures!

8.  Try not to match Art work with room decor.

9. Books…add lots of CHARACTER to a room!

10. Buy quality main pieces…coordinate with TRENDY accents so that it’s easy to transition out…when you’re updating!

No fabric or accessory was hurt in the creation of this blog post!


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