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Needing a Touch of PINK Today…

Pink Rooster



Just because…we can all use a little softness in our life sometimes!

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No Lives Have Ever Been Lost from Design Errors…

But you would think that…when a Designer creates an error even with something as simple as a pillow.  That life support needs to be on stand-by.

Here are 10 ways that Designers like to create that unique stamp on a room!HomeDesign6

  1.  Comfort is the key to Great Design.

  2.  Create Impact walls with Art not just color!

  3. Do NOT over Design the room…most importantly CONTRIVED ROOMS are BORING!

Home Design

4. Buy the BEST you can!

5. Gathered rooms create interest…something old, something new, something black, something shiny, and add lots of textures.

6. Stop doing DECORATIVE Bed…instead create FASHIONABLY Functional beds!



7.  Layer, layer and for gosh sake LAYER…with color and textures!

8.  Try not to match Art work with room decor.

9. Books…add lots of CHARACTER to a room!

10. Buy quality main pieces…coordinate with TRENDY accents so that it’s easy to transition out…when you’re updating!

No fabric or accessory was hurt in the creation of this blog post!


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Designer Secret’s…

Interior Home

More inside information that helps take your design projects to the next level:

  • Use accent colors…not just main colors that are in the rooms fabrications.
  • When re-doing your bathrooms place vanities at 36″ height(standard is 30″) and this is not just for tall people.  But it helps give the room a more elegant and sophisticated feel.
  • Another tip for bathrooms…try not to use towel bars…opt for hooks instead.  Hang 5 robe hooks 68″ off floor for towels and robes.
  • Do you have a lamp with two sockets…place one white and make the other bulb pink.  This is especially nice in living room’s for great soft and flattering light.
  • When changing hardware on cabinets and doors, request un-lacquered.  This way allows the natural patina to come through slowly and adds an interesting element of texture.



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