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I’m Obsessed with Outdoor Living Spaces…


Outdoor living spaces are mandatory now!  No matter how large or small your outdoor space…not using it to its fullest is tragic!


It really is all about the vibe and the environment that you’re setting up!

Gone are the days of outdoor furniture being portable and possibly collapsing upon sitting!ODSeat2

Now it’s about the experience of lounging!


From sailcloth canopies to firepits,

to full-on entire outdoor areas for dining and watching TV.


Make the most of whatever space you have!  From just 2 chairs to an entire room…just make it inviting!

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Design Show or Trainwreck TV…


Trading Spaces returns.  Is it design show or mockumentary?  Seriously, I’m sure that there were many moments where they actually did some decent make-overs.  But when you see and hear about some of the past “creations” you need to ask yourself…is this for shock purposes?  

I know that there are many taste levels out there in the “design” field.  But when you see these gigantic FAILS…you have to wonder if this is all staged.

The biggest insult of them all…


Okay, the only answer acceptable to me is the designer was drunk and the neighbors truly hated each other.

And I heard this epic mess took the production team 18 hours to fix after completed!



Yep…she was drunk!


Okay, on this one…the designer was drunk, high and she knew she could plead temporary insanity in any civil case against her after they created this abysmal mess!

If I do watch it…this will be the reason why!  Que…cheesy music!


Nothing left to say, people!

Design on,



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Powder Room Surprise…


What I LOVE about a powder room is that they can be such an element of surprise!

Even for those who tend to decorate on the conservative side.  I see and hear it on a daily basis those that want that element of impact as you open the door to their powder rooms.

MoodyBath3Whether that drama is created through tile, paint or wallpaper…today’s consumer wants to step out-of-the-box a little more…and that box is anything typical!MoodyBath1




So…let the powder room be your avenue to go a little crazy with a color, tile or design!


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Why didn’t I think of that…


When designing…sometimes we all get a little jaded!  But this is something that my clients have really been enjoying.

They LOVE the fact that they can have an ottoman…but when they want a harder surface for beverage placement or for something that would need a little more support.  That’s when we have put a cocktail table over the ottoman…one that has wheels on it…so you can pull it in…or to push it out!

Works for me!


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My Obession this Week…

Great foyer’s with simple and clean presentations…oh…and round mirrors too!  When there is a combination of the two…totally on point!


Fabulous!  Love the pouf!  Round mirror…beyond!  Stylist has been here alert…your lamps are not plugged in…but perfect for the shot!


LOVE the casual simplicity of this one!



Hope you were able to grab some inspiration!








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I’m always looking for cool innovative ways to decorate walls…meet wool wood wall tiles.

I have a client that needs a solution to an acoustical problem at their business site…I think this is a winner!

They’re made in Sweden but import to the US.


This the link:    http://www.baux.se/how-to-order/


This would also a great solution for multi-dwelling (condo-townhomes-apartment home) locations for sound buffering…LOVE!

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Gorgeous Greens…

The many shades of GREEN…


The 90’s brought SAGE to the forefront…then came the CHARTREUSE era…now it is time for EMERALD to shine!





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