Get Your LOVE on…


Fresh Flowers II

I’m in LOVE with LOVE!  So…much so that I wrote a book on the most important aspect of LOVE!



Fresh Flowers II

Hope you enjoy!



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Life is…Kintsukuroi!




So true…so beautiful!

Simply LOVE!


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They’re Reading My Mind…


Welcome to Frilly…a clothing atelier that lets you be the designer.

Screenshot (151)

I don’t know about you…but how many times have you selected an item of clothing only to say, “I wish this item had long sleeves or different collar!”  Well…now you can play fashion designer!

Welcome to Frilly!  First, you select the particular clothing item…then you select the color of the fabric.  When that image comes up, you then have the option of changing the collar, sleeves, and hem!  Okay, how fabulous is that?



Screenshot (147)

Screenshot (149)


Screenshot (150)

Screenshot (148)

This is a great source when you’re trying to find just that right core piece for your wardrobe or something for a special occasion.

Hope you Enjoy,



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Mark Antonia Studio…

Dried 1

I LOVE featuring Artist Studios…this is another one that I found that’s really quite unique.  Antonia works with dried flowers.  I LOVE flowers…dried not so much!  But she puts such a unique spin on them…that I had to feature her.

Antonia works with the philosophy of “Wabi-Sabi”, another reason why I LOVE them.  That makes 3 elements of LOVE!  Flowers, Artisan, Wabi-Sabi!  Perfection.

Antonia hand selects each element and then glues them on the branch…the end result is very simple, clean and elegant!

Dried 3


Her price point is very modest for these handcrafted arrangements… though her shop is located in New Zealand-disappointment for us here in the states!




Hope you enjoyed!



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Never Got The Memo…


I finished my first book! (Insert Happy Dance) Rewrite after rewrite, I now feel comfortable moving forward to list on Amazon.  Hoping it will be available on Amazon by Christmas 2017…if not January 2018.

Simply put this is a LOVE story, but not the typical LOVE story!  It’s part memoir and part experiential, with the emphasis being on how I designed, painted and wrote my way through this very crazy and subjective thing called life!

The book shares an awareness that might even shift your own perspective!  The HERO of the story is LOVE, and the Heroine is, Letting Go!

I will do a future post and include a link to order!

Stay Tuned!

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LOVE Me A Touch of Rattan…


It’s probably my LOVE for a great eclectic/touch of bohemian…interior design choice…for the reasons that I crave for a GREAT rattan chair in the corner!


Are they the most comfortable chair in the room?  Hell no!  But they’re there for the form  and not the function!


To me, a room should be a layered with textures, and this is just another way to add texture to the room!



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