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Wow! How Far We Have Come…



These are all REAL ads…shocking to see these!

I’m so glad to see how far we have we have evolved!




Bowing to serve

him in bed…OK!


Can’t even

imagine meeting

the people who

designed these

ads to begin with!


#Girl Power!





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Glass or Teflon Wings…


Life is an observation game at times feeling connected and sometimes disconnected.

We go through life knowing that we will encounter lover’s and hater’s.  For those who identify more as the “LOVER’s” of life…then this is for you…especially if you wish to learn how to glide through life!

Having glass wings in life is not a bad thing…yes it usually applies to those who are more sensitive.  But sometimes it’s just about learning how to create a metamorphosis action in your life.

Break-free of owning other people’s perceptions and this is how…in a nutshell:


Radical Self Acceptance…NOT self-improvement!

Appreciation of self…NOT change!

Teflon skin…NOT a Teflon heart!



Sincerely care and ask about others!


Follow your JOY!

Most important of all…perfection…is a disease!




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The REAL Fairy Tales That We Should be Reading…


What if the fairy tales that we all know so well…missed a very valid point?

That the Princess doesn’t need to be rescued to live out her dreams???????????????????????

Life itself represents so many vast areas of how one finds happiness.  Hopefully by now…many of you see that there is no longer just one way of finding peace and happiness.

Write your own story in life…and if you need a little inspiration pick up Lovelace’s book of poetry on how to embrace life’s needed evolution’s!


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