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Jetsons Era Landing in Dallas Area…


Yep…the future is here…and that future is FLYING CARS!

Seriously you have no idea…I don’t covet too many things…but the idea of flying cars just…sends me!


It was just announced that Uber will launch the first ever flying cars…here in Dallas and in Dubai!


Beyond excited for the flying cars…but flying cruise ships…that one has me a little nervous…how will it stay up there? Seriously…


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Khaki’s are BACK…


I will let this favorite “Friend’s” icon’s words…do my talking! OH…MY…God!

Seriously…there is not many facets of fashion that I literally hate…but I’m afraid Khaki’s are one…if not thee number one!



I don’t care how you paint them, style or cut them…they’re still KHAKI’S.  My Dad wore them when he was mowing the lawn and my Mom would wear them when she was cleaning the house.

Oh… NO Thank you!  You won’t be seeing these in my closet any time soon.  But for those who love the classic preppy style…congratulations…they’re coming back!


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Is that a DOME?


Yes…these crazy looking home structures were slated to be the homes of “Tomorrowland”.

Many feel they still will be…while others say…they’re already here!


These kind of weird looking homes don’t exactly fit into those perfect little neighborhoods you see when walking around a cute downtown area or a clean-cut suburban gated community. But Buckminster Fuller saw the potential is those triangles: With the goal of creating a structure analogous to nature’s own designs, Fuller began to experiment with geometry in the late 1940s. In 1951, he patented the geodesic dome, and while you may not see a lot of on a normal city street, geodesic domes are known to be the most efficient building system available. So, why should you want a dome home anyway?



This post is dedicated to Tom and Mary Hoyer…who I know personally are absolutely crazy about DOMES and were the first to introduce me to these very unique structures!

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Embellishments are Taking Over…


Not only are these embellishments beautiful they’re all over the runway…not only with fashion but they’re also returning to home decor elements too!


and for the minimalist…


So blow the dust off your BEDAZZLER…and get your dazzling on!  This trend shows no sign of slowing down!

I’m little more of the philosophy of “less is more”…but these jeans…I totally LOVE!


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So Cool…So UnIquE…



These fabulous ceramic pottery pieces are created by Suzanne Sullivan.

I normally don’t get to cranked up about this kind of thing but…these are pretty FABULOUS!


Love the simplistic beauty!  Very nice Suzanne!



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Hail the Goddess of Draping…


Donna Karan




Welcome to Urban ZEN…Donna Karan is the founder, her style and her lines are truly magnificent!  I have been a huge fan for years!

DK is one of my desired mentors…talk about a women that truly knows how to reinvent herself!  So cool!




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