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Oh That Martha…


In case your not aware of this yet…but REAL indoor plants are huge again!

I found this little honey of an idea from the craft guru herself Martha Stewart. Though crafting is not one of my desired recreational sport’s…I’m strictly audience participation only.  I do think that this is something that I would actually create.

No paper, glue or glitter is needed (thank you)…in this little humdinger of an actually usable, functional, and not to mention kind of cool art project…go Martha!

Materials:  Tomato cages…in this case copper ones!



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Would this happen to Martha?



HELP! HELP! Why are some of my pics falling away…gone missing after posting on here???

Someone please help me understand any way to secure them properly?  Would this happen to Martha?

I can view the blog in edit…and it looks fine…then sometimes when I sign out and go back to the page at different time…some are gone Sarah Jessica Parker…what is going on?


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