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Jute For A Moment or For Awhile…

Jute 1

Ok…so this week I’m a JUTE RUG bender! I LOVE me some JUTE…possibly just a touch for a moment…or for awhile!


I LOVE the texture of them!  Plus the price allows one to enjoy it for awhile and then possibly seek something new without feeling too guilty for changing it out!

Think of it as an accessory…for the room. When you’re bored or the season changes…switch to something else!


I especially LOVE to layer them!


I do prefer SEA GRASS, I feel that it’s stronger of all of the weaves.


Super cool…HEXAGON!  Whether hexagon, square, round or rectangle!  A fresh feeling for any area of the home, especially in the warmer climates or during certain times of the year.   Here is the link to the hexagon rug.


One last one…for the those that don’t like the yellow undertones…there is this fabulous gray/ivory one!



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Rock a GREAT Frock…

Great dressThis is so cute…and the price point makes it even more fabulous!  

Go on over to ROSEWE.com  and order this today!

Triple x, triple o…Inspire

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Trend Spotting…




Here is another great find at CiChic!  Huge trend for fall of 2014… is the oversize sweaters!

This is a great example of the oversize sweater trend plus large black and white geometric pattern…also a trend.

The common theme in trend spotting…is? That less is more!  Second lesson is…when shopping off brand discounting…watch what you buy.  If it looks cheap here in the photo…can you imagine what it will look like when it arrives at your home.  There will be no stylist at your home to self correct a bad fit!     This looks good…plus the price point is awesome…it could be a keeper!

                Item #11147975277 Price $45.38






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