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No Assembly Required…


We are just going to file this under “what the hell!” Seriously? Ikea chairs sold at Barneby’s auction for $65,000.00…yes that is I K E A chairs.  I wonder if these chairs referred to as clam chairs…still had their original “allen wrench’s?”

The real story is that the dealer’s mistook the chairs for Danish Architect Philip Archtander originals, thus elevating their true value.  But even though they were a case of mistaken identity…there are pieces highly sought after by collector’s from earlier Ikea Designer creation’s.

Ikea was opened in 1943 and here are some of the pieces that have sold for well over Ikea’s well known economical price point.


Bookshelves by Gillis Lundgreen $3800.00!


1993-Set of Four Verner Panton Vilbert Chairs $4100.00


Pair of Armchairs “Natura” by Karin Mobring $1700.00

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What I’m Obessing Over This Week…

Bullet Planters!


Plants are huge again…and with that comes a need for unique and different planter’s.

With the mid-century modern look  so strong…I feel that this is a great small touch to add to your décor without it totally screaming ONE look or direction.  In fact I feel that it is the best way…to mix it up…and combine multiple styles and looks to get that one-of-a-kind feel.

These planter’s are still created in the US today and can be ordered by clicking the link below:


Though they’re incredibly beautiful…they can be a little pricey!  But I do know of this thrifty version…though it is nothing like these.



You can select one the largest pots from IKEA’s version and then pick-up a beautiful metal stand from Architectural Pottery…and VOILA!



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