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Fashion comes and goes and labels are not the curator’s of STYLE.

Your personal style is your trademark!  Make it count!

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Khaki’s are BACK…


I will let this favorite “Friend’s” icon’s words…do my talking! OH…MY…God!

Seriously…there is not many facets of fashion that I literally hate…but I’m afraid Khaki’s are one…if not thee number one!



I don’t care how you paint them, style or cut them…they’re still KHAKI’S.  My Dad wore them when he was mowing the lawn and my Mom would wear them when she was cleaning the house.

Oh… NO Thank you!  You won’t be seeing these in my closet any time soon.  But for those who love the classic preppy style…congratulations…they’re coming back!


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Hail the Goddess of Draping…


Donna Karan




Welcome to Urban ZEN…Donna Karan is the founder, her style and her lines are truly magnificent!  I have been a huge fan for years!

DK is one of my desired mentors…talk about a women that truly knows how to reinvent herself!  So cool!




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This is for Madison Lee, my budding fashionista niece…



Bendel’s…this place was amazing to me the first time I saw it in New York.  Then it arrived in Chicago on Michigan Ave for a short time.

We are in the days where most shop as a recreational sport.  But the New York Bendel’s is a superior example of shopping for the experience.

What I loved personally about Bendel’s…was this boutique feel in a department store.

The Chicago location had these small vignette’s specifically dedicated to certain merchandise.

It was such a incredible visual presence…that by just simply turning a corner…you some how felt as though you stumbled into someone’s closet.

So unique and so personal!

The Les Wexner  (L Brands) organization has owned Bendel’s for many years.

The same ownership as Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. I Surprisingly learned the L Brands sold off Limited (which his parents started), Limited Express, Lerner, Limited Too and Abercrombie in 2006.

There was a time, that Les Wexner could open and operate an entire mall of just his own stores that he personally controlled.

I have seen the Bendel off shoots…I will call them.  Not the same…I’m afraid that the watering down of the brand has diluted a once fabulous specialty store.

But if your in New York…visit the first true original and the best of the Bendel’s shopping experiences…

Happy Shopping Fashionista’s!

triple x, triple o,


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