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Oh That Martha…


In case your not aware of this yet…but REAL indoor plants are huge again!

I found this little honey of an idea from the craft guru herself Martha Stewart. Though crafting is not one of my desired recreational sport’s…I’m strictly audience participation only.  I do think that this is something that I would actually create.

No paper, glue or glitter is needed (thank you)…in this little humdinger of an actually usable, functional, and not to mention kind of cool art project…go Martha!

Materials:  Tomato cages…in this case copper ones!



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Happy Halloween…

Always looking for something unique in the pumpkin decorating arena!  FOUND IT!



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Over Achiever…

This is one FABULOUS fall presentation for your front porch!



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Remove your collections from the table tops and floors and put them on the walls!


I happen to LOVE old silver trays!


How about a collection of bread boards?


Or Hermes scarves?


Perhaps vintage Vogue covers?  Either way hang your collections for a great wall presentation…instead of piles of stuff in a corner or in a box.

Triple x, Tripe o-Inspire

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Mercury Raising…

Mecru2From this…

MecurTo this…

Mecru3With this…

I’m a huge fan of mercury glass!  I found this wonderful frugal shortcut for the DIY’ers!

1. Pick up any piece of glassware that you would like to turn into a piece of MG.

2. Mist inside of the chosen piece of glassware with a water bottle…that has a touch of black liquid ink or food color.

3.  Then while still wet from the misting spray with mirror effect and let dry!  VOILA!



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