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Naps Are So Underrated…

So are our beds!


As a designer, I have seen so many different styles and types of beds and bedrooms.  The good, bad and the downright sad.

I might have done a post on this already…but it’s worth repeating!

I LOVE MY BED…and so should you!


I feel that beds are a reflection of not only our style but also an expression of how we see ourselves.

They should never be too overdressed or pretentious.  Never sloppy or unkempt.  But, somewhere in the middle of not being too uptight or too utilitarian.


If beds need to have a system of placed perfection…that’s way too uptight for me.

A militant stance of organized and untouched stacked pillows.  Constantly on guard in fear that if someone sits on the bed, it would ruin the whole presentation.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a well-presented bed.  I just prefer a more casual elegance presentation.  A un-maid (pun intended) bed.

And yes, I do enjoy that it’s made daily.  I just prefer it to resemble the look and feel as though the turndown service was completed. And it’s ready to climb into, it at a moments notice.

And on the days of freshly washed sheets.  Simply sublime!

In fact…I can’t even seem to climb into my bed unless that fitted sheet is pulled tight again every time it’s made.  Reinsuring a wonderful nights sleep.


Bedrooms like all rooms should be admired.  They should entice and draw you into them, like a great seduction.  Welcoming you every night or day.    Perhaps even in the middle of the day.  Being available for those moments when you just need a minute.


Then there are those days…when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed at all.  Bed3

Or worse yet, those days when you have to get up at the crack of stupid.  And just the thought of separating yourself from the warmth and comfort of that blanket fort of safety…is way to painful to handle.

Or how about those moments where the bliss from your dreams are still playing out in your mind’s eye.  And that stinging factor of knowing that the moment your toe touches the floor…reality begins again.

Or how about the most terrorizing times of all getting out bed in the winter or in extremely cold climates.

Stop the madness! That’s way too much handle.  That’s when the blanket has come with you from room to room!

Ah, beds!


There are glamour bedrooms.


 Primitive…purposeful bedrooms!


Even some that others would find cheesy!

But our beds like our homes should be our sanctuaries.  Open, welcoming and filled with joy and especially peace!

Namast’ay…in bed!  Especially on a random Sunday just because you want too!




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7 Ways to Good Design…

Interior Design is like any other art form…is such a personal expression.  Some create their homes with basic needs in mind, they look at their home simply as a shelter or a refuge from the world.  A home that is gathered with family items usually pieces that are dated and well past the “normal” wear and tear usage.   Then you have those that like to decorate with a very status quo esthetic.  Their homes have that  “hey…look I like to shop at all the same place’s that everybody else does so that I don’t look too showy or pretentious.”

The final category are for those that like to have their homes be the “over stylized glamourized emporium’s”.  Their room’s are usually a showplace that says…”hey look at me I’m a success!”   They represent a certain taste level that either the designer felt was appropriate at the time it was created, or perhaps they were thinking “this is what I liked when I walked into the closest furniture showroom”.

Those who usually DIY-it…usually feel that their taste is so much better than any “designer” can come up with-and have a great deal of pride knowing that they  saved a lot of money too.  Perhaps thinking “not only I’m a designer-but I’m smart too!”

Furniture showroom’s or design studios can be very beautiful and attention grabbing, we all can be captivated by a beautiful room they can be very inspiring.  So whether your style is slick and modern with a need for minimalism, or high traditional with a wide selection of fabrics with trims, pillow collections, and ginger jars.  I feel true interior design is a collection of elements that can literally be a 3D piece of art and like with all art-it is subjective.  Because what I like…someone else may despise.

So what separates good design from bad?  Well…that is the age old question.  It’s not that creating a basic room with pretty things is bad design.  Determining good design is more of a question of how you feel in that room.  So many homes fall into those basic categories that I have already discussed:

Basic Needs-Utilitarian Décor-No style or substance.

Classic Suburban Status Quo “I shop there too…we have so much in common!”

Highly Stylized Glamourized Emporiums-Please do not touch anything and for gosh sakes if you have to sit there…make it quick.  Because I will need to fluff that pillow again.  These EMPORIUM’s can be “designer” induced inspirations…or an individual’s compilation of self mutilation by bad taste singing the cliché phrase of “but look how much I saved.”

Either way the question at hand is what makes good design?  Huge-huge question…so my answer is of course multi-layered:

  • Comfort
  • Welcoming
  • Stylish
  • Interesting
  • Attention to Detail
  • Warmth
  • Collected

Well designed rooms are more than a pretty room…a well designed room evokes a feeling of WELCOME, come in, and sit for awhile.  That is why with so many taste levels and style preferences you see why it is difficult to say what is good design and what is bad.

My personal favorite to live in…is a bohemian inspired, with a collected-eclectic vibe…wow that is a mouthful.  Here are some pictures of some commercial and residential designs that have a very unique vibe.  These kind of environments make me happy!   I love a room where I can’t stop looking around…taking it all in.  Where I want to touch and discover something new and unique at every turn.  Those environments tell me that who ever created this…is interesting and very creative, and I need to know them.  “Pretty” rooms, say nothing about who lives there…or maybe it does…and that might be “that I don’t really have much to say”.


This is a fresh, new, and exciting-detailed and inviting all at the same time commercial space.  Real plants are huge again, love the mix of new and vintage furniture pieces combined, and the use of scale large and small…excellent job!


Loving the teal tile in classic hex pattern and the factory styled windows.  Personally the table (perhaps a gray marble) and rug could have been slicker…I know everyone’s a critique.


Loving the thrift art…personally I would done a lot more…perhaps a whole wall in the back!


Use of color…BRAVO…arrangement needs to be on left of the mantle!  Always start with highest element on the left…we read left to right.

Maybe that is the reason that I have always preferred to be called a Home Stylist versus an Interior Designer, a room needs to have a sense of STYLE to evoke interest…not just pretty fabric.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Design, Decorate but Style Trumps All…


No matter what you like Traditional, Modern, Rustic, Transitional, Bohemian all of these forms of interior expression’s can be uniquely your own.

Some people can find comfort in all of these style’s…while some may just like partial elements of  each of these style directions.   Then you have the others that can be totally repelled by the mere sight of these décor directions.



Some will prefer color…while others will prefer neutrals.


No matter what your desire…the ONE thing that all these avenues must have…is a form of STYLE!


Because this is what truly makes a house a home…their own personal STYLE…imprinted all over it.

If not…your just warehousing furniture.


Along with the fact that most are just warehousing their furniture…another area of home décor that seems to get lost…is accessory placement.

Some can do this correctly…while most just gather and place.

So people the moral of this little story…is hire, hire, and yes hire an expert to help you pull things together to create a great look for your home.  Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation, not a place that just holds a bed and sofa…a place to sit and sleep.  If you can’t find anyone in your area then email:


because they do “house calls” all around the country…to help you with your decorating dilemma’s.  Email them today for help and pricing.





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5 Points to Keep your Coffee Table on Point…


Is your cocktail/coffee table styling on point?  When discussing the “art” of accessories I have one favorite phrase, “everything is the art of placement”.

Accessories will truly make or break a room so why after creating such a beautiful space…why would you drop the ball now?  The cocktail table is one of the main showcases of the room only taking second place if there is a fireplace mantle in the same room.

So here are some great tips that will help even those who feel “accessory challenged”.

1.  Yes…I know that we have heard it so many times before to work with “odds”.  But seriously try to stay in the slow lane if your someone that needs a lots of tips or diagrams to create a cohesive look with accent pieces.  Start by working with 3 to 5 separate items, leave the higher numbers to the seasonal décor-razzi’s…they can totally work in over 5 items without a net and have it look fabulous.

2.  Create height levels for interest…no…not by gathering people of different heights…around the coffee table.  This is more about creating those height levels with books and pedestals.  This is also a great way of featuring small special objects that might seem lost if not presented correctly.

3. I LOVE a touch of anything organic.  Whether it is real or faux it is very important to put these things in the mix.  Plants, flowers, shells, or anything that is inspired from nature.  Select some of your more treasured pieces…I mean lets be honest people are sitting so close…they will see all the chips and dings.  So put your best stuff out on the “ct”.

4.  Trays, trays and more trays…these will be your best friends.  This is where you house and have a great starting point of texture and color which helps draw the eye in.

5.  Last but not least…we cannot always afford to completely re-do a room every few years.  But we can afford to change those featured accessories  more often to give your room a fresh look.  So if your accessories have been “hanging around” for awhile then maybe it is time to rethink and perhaps recycle!


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I’m always looking for cool innovative ways to decorate walls…meet wool wood wall tiles.

I have a client that needs a solution to an acoustical problem at their business site…I think this is a winner!

They’re made in Sweden but import to the US.


This the link:    http://www.baux.se/how-to-order/


This would also a great solution for multi-dwelling (condo-townhomes-apartment home) locations for sound buffering…LOVE!

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Random Stuff…

Toliet Paper

LOVE this…mainly because it is a unique and cool design along with the fact that it creates an element of art for the room!

Folding Chair

Wall ART…that also can be extra seating!  LOVE!  This is where ART and DESIGN collide.

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