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Top 6 Things I Can’t Live Without for Summer…







LOVE, LOVE, and yes LOVE these things!

  1. Trader Joe’s Sunscreen-Consumer Reports voted top 5 when testing all sunscreens in the marketplace!

  2. A great woven bag!  Yep…for everything beach, office, shopping…the perfect tote!

  3. Loreal Self Tanner!  Simply perfect for those that don’t worship the sun!

  4. That Favorite Summer Shoe-Check these out…so comfortable! https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/mirror-pool-slide?category=womens-sandals&color=007

  5. Silk’n Flash and Go-And save thousands with picking up this little lovely…for a complete pain-free permanent hair removal process.

  6. Pink Polish-It just makes your tan hands look so FRESH!

Happy Summer!


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Is that a DOME?


Yes…these crazy looking home structures were slated to be the homes of “Tomorrowland”.

Many feel they still will be…while others say…they’re already here!


These kind of weird looking homes don’t exactly fit into those perfect little neighborhoods you see when walking around a cute downtown area or a clean-cut suburban gated community. But Buckminster Fuller saw the potential is those triangles: With the goal of creating a structure analogous to nature’s own designs, Fuller began to experiment with geometry in the late 1940s. In 1951, he patented the geodesic dome, and while you may not see a lot of on a normal city street, geodesic domes are known to be the most efficient building system available. So, why should you want a dome home anyway?



This post is dedicated to Tom and Mary Hoyer…who I know personally are absolutely crazy about DOMES and were the first to introduce me to these very unique structures!

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Love Me a Cluster of Lights…


This is such a fabulous way to do a light presentation…these particular types of lighting creations are not just for pendents…as the ones seen below.


All of these wonderful collections are created with an abundance of different sizes, perhaps similar styles of chandelier lighting elements…creating a visual masterpiece.


Here the designer used woven column baskets…along with woven globe chandeliers. So cool!



These paper lanterns can be picked up very inexpensively…but when grouped together…what a great impact they make!


…cluster on peeps!


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A vegan restaurant in Madrid, Spain.



Very creative and eye-catching…nice work!

A great way to use your decor as a marketing point of interest.  Great for word of mouth promotion.  It doesn’t always have to be done with huge money with a PR company, nor an insurgence of social media avenues!  BRAVO!

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