Free Range is NOT just for Chickens…


What do I want to be…when I grow up? When knowing yourself, your passions and desires…can be so yesterday!

This complete understanding and embracing the concept of what makes me happy and joyful in life has come easy to me…at least I thought so.

My concept of happiness with a career selection in particular…has been very fulfilling. But then with time those original choices quickly morphed.

For example…my entire life I have enjoyed creating environments.  Places that are inviting and cozy, a place to spend time in. But it has taken a very long time to unearth the true reason why I desire creating those environments…which I now know goes far beyond what I do for a paycheck…in a career called Interior Design.

My career started as a visual designer for major department store’s in Chicago, then I moved onto being a set designer/stylist for studios also in Chicago. All culminating to the opening and running my own business.  An actual box with 4 walls to house and showcase those needed “expression’s”.   At first I connected with great fortitude with my clients to help inspire them.  But then it felt limiting…so what happened…why did my desires change?

As you can easily see that the trajectory of my life in the most simplistic standpoint would be design.  So if the the natural course of evolution for me would be “Interior Design,”  why did the magic change?

Like many things in life…redundancy along with the constant infiltration of contrast opinions, taste, and needed ego fulfillment that can sometimes make a simple job…so difficult…grew tiresome.  So what’s a girl to do?

Though my desires will always be somehow connected to the design field…my true desirable expressions are painting and writing.  I love to paint and I choose to paint what I feel…not what I see.   This simplistic approach also applies to my writing…also very basic.

I’m not looking to be a prize winning Author…especially with my inferior use of proper grammar, poor sentence structure and lack of colorful adjectives. I’m very comfortable not being 100% perfect (30 edits for just this post alone) at something…it has never stopped me before nor will it in the future from creating.

How does knowing your desires so well in life…help then…if they’re so fleeting? 

I understand that many still struggle for that complete understanding…of what their true desires/passions are in life.  I can only add this…stop struggling and let life guide you…which is my current application at this time.

It really is as simple as…do what makes you HAPPY…then allow it to move you forward.  If what you’re doing does not make you happy…then STOP doing it and re-address.  

Sometimes…life must evolve in order to truly see the real reason why you like one thing over another.  Life will not always be unicorns and rainbows…but keep going.  Life is about discovering what doesn’t work-so that you can get to what you do like.  Actually I feel that the true essence of life is embracing what we like and don’t like…so we can stop wasting time perfecting something that you hate.   In other words stop wasting your energy on shit that doesn’t bring you joy!

Free range your way through life…it’s not just for Chickens.  Walk around in life and experiment, but do it with joy, and approach everything and everyone with a “childlike wonderment.” Having a childlike wonderment-means to approach life with an excitement of 5 year old kid at Christmas getting something as simple as batteries.  Because he knows that those batteries will hold future possibilities…like powering up his favorite things in life.

So long story short…the only thing you truly can CONTROL in your life…is your environment.  Make it… cozy and welcoming on the physical standpoint, but please make sure that the most important element of design is added: create an atmosphere where those who live there recognize the importance of engaging, acknowledging and uplifting others (not just immediate family) for their strengths too.

Because when you create a beautiful well balanced HOME all those who live there and come to visit will feel EMBRACED!  That is the FINISHING TOUCHES of DESIGN.

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