Happy New Year! One Question to Ask Yourself in the New Year…


What have you learned from the human experience?

From childhood to adulthood it is inevitable that some sort of trauma or drama will cross our paths within our lifetimes’.

Of course those experiences will be as different as our own individual fingerprints.  No one path or life experience will be the same for all…obviously.

With so many unique, colorful and varied paths that we take in life, I still feel that we all have “some” mutual desires in common.  Those desires or elements of similarity are safety, comfort, and ease of burden.

With at least those 3 simple common goals-one would think that with all those who do cross our paths, things (namely interactions with other peeps)would just ebb and flow with ease. Once again as we know that is far from the truth.

With all of us with our coats of many colors of functions and dis-functions, there are some of us willing to recognize and work on those lower thought processes with themselves.  While others find comfort in issuing blame onto others for causing disruption of their life’s path.



My answer is:

I choose to not REACT and walk away from those who choose NOT to hear me or respect my opinion.

We are not all going to agree…but if you so choose to have a need to belittle, disrespect, steam roll, objectify, or purposely ignore-to make yourself feel superior or to show indifference…then your’re NOT worth my time, LOVE and JOY that I choose to create.

Make it the HAPPIEST New Year yet, namely for yourself and of course for others.  Being ignorant to others…is so LAST YEAR!



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