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Obiviously we all know about the classic position of an Interior Designer.  Many have used them, while some may prefer to do it on their own for several reasons-usually because of tight budgets or possibly for complete creative control.

Well…if you have not heard about Virtual Interior Design or E Designer’s, then welcome to a huge new frontier that has been coming on strong for years now.

When I was working at a firm I would constantly hear…”you know I saw that on-line for cheaper”.  So as they say…if you can’t beat them…join them!

Why is this form of design so needed?

  1.  Most of you know exactly what you prefer in your own home the feeling and style.  What you maybe unsure of is the proper placement and setting of the furniture and accessories.   So e designer’s are there to help you feel more comfortable to move forward in a certain direction.  Alimenting the need to get three or four outside opinions on whether this or that choice would be better.

  2. As always you’re in complete control the budget and the entire project…because basically you’re the project manger of your home decorating direction.  A Virtual Designer’s job is to inspire and properly direct…you manage the execution!

  3. This process creates more of a feeling of a connection of your space-versus a designer taking charge and creating the entire project making the design concept feel “forced”.

  4. Their are many “retail” sites on furniture and accessories that offer better deals if not the same pricing as you would pay through working with a designer their pricing…saving the consumer’s thousands.

  5. I love to work in this venue for several reasons:  No more haggling over billing, no furniture to order or fabrics to pull, but best of all no more “pulling teeth” to make sure labor’s and contractor’s show-up when they said they would.  This is design work at it’s supreme simplicity and because as you well know…I like my life simple and cozy!

Have a project and you need some direction?  Email me at I can easily assist no matter where you live.

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