Meet Carmen Herrera…


Carmen Herrera is a 100 year old artist that has just recently been discovered.  This blog post will not be like so many other’s that just bring you her story.  This entry I would like to be about her journey and so many other Carmen Herrera’s by other names.  Though I have never met the women-though I would really like too.  I wanted this entry to inspire others about staying true to themselves and their desired vision’s in life.

Carmen was brought to my attention in the documentary-The Hundred Years Show this month on Netflix’s…which is really fabulous.  You step into this women’s life that is really so very simple, uneventful (though the mere fact she is 100 is quite an event) and extremely unpretentious…ironically like her artwork.  Learning that all she ever wanted to do is produce her art….and she has stayed true that vision since the very beginning.

Back in the 1960’s as it is still sadly the same today…they preferred male artist’s over the equally talented or perhaps even more far superior female artist’s.  I find this so shocking…naïve I guess that this sort of sexism still prevails.

But I’m getting off track, my desire here is to present Carmen’s life as example for so many that get caught up in concepts.  Concepts of how life and circumstances should go before they feel they can create.   I met so many that feel that if they don’t have the right materials or achieved social networking notoriety they’re not really creating art.

This pretention can rage in many aspects of life, when needing to have the right labels or a certain type of home or design style in order to be living the “right” or desirable life is simply put…purely a loss.  Find what you love to do…and explore life to is fullest no matter your age.

So paint, write, just create…even if you’re the only one who cares or is paying attention.





Thank you Carmen you’re truly inspiration.



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