8 Design Directions that I Must Have…


As lover of all things DeSiGned…and an unofficial design stalker…no matter what my  location or budget is-I must have the following elements within my abode!

  1.  My ART…and an absolute addition to that MUST be thrift ART!  I LOVE the colors that where available back then…circa 1940’s to the 1970’s.

  2. No other why to explain it…but artistically fused interior pieces that are collected through time combined with NEW pieces…the new elements can be a really cool  sofa.  I have little desire for controlled design environments (grr animal style design or design school 101 look) or for that matter controlled hairstyles (random I know.. but still true)!  I personally will never have either (must have my messy up-do…still random).


3.  Greenery and the color GREEN somewhere!  Do you have a black thumb?  Please do NOT use silks…how about  emailing me (simpleandcozylifestyle@gmail.com)for information on plants that are similar to this tree below… that are “REAL” but never die!


4. Gallery walls…a great inexpensive way to make a room look rich.  With main objective incorporating unique hanging styles.


Maybe we are to never stick “baby” in the corner…but for interest stick your aRt in the corners!

Have the frames touch!  It is all about thinking out of the box…and not being typical!


5. Color-I LOVE it MOODY…deep and rich!  But I also like high contrast, so my preference is for both.  Bathrooms and kitchens I like white with neutrals, and living spaces dark and moody.  But that doesn’t mean I like the walls dark…sometimes just playing up the accessories in the room is enough for me.  But then I might paint my dining room dark for total atmosphere and ambiance.  I especially LOVE a black fireplace in a dining room.


6. Large Scale Accessories!  From your art to your vases…especially in my house…go big or go to someone else’s house.


7. Mixed up fabric patterns and sizes of furniture…now though most enjoy the GRRR Animals approach to fabrics and of course I can see the beauty too.  It is very design 101…I need and love a space that is an artistic expression.  It’s as though you can actually hear the person “that doesn’t go together…but it looks good”.  Now this type of designing is not for the average suburban home…this design style is for those that like to think outside the vase.


I like to call this Protagonist Design…these people know who they are and they’re not afraid to eat alone at the lunch table.

Personally I LOVE a touch of animal print in the room too…my personal favorite is leopard.  But be careful  because this can go cheap looking real quick.  This type of designing requires a safety net…do not practice alone unless 100% comfortable.


8.  Large scale wallpaper…think small rooms…dining area, foyer, guest bath.  These are definitely for the statement makers of home styling.


I’m just living simple and cozy and staying curious.

Do you know the design styles you can’t live without?

Email pics me at simpleandcozylifestyle@gmail.com.


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