7 Ways to Good Design…

Interior Design is like any other art form…is such a personal expression.  Some create their homes with basic needs in mind, they look at their home simply as a shelter or a refuge from the world.  A home that is gathered with family items usually pieces that are dated and well past the “normal” wear and tear usage.   Then you have those that like to decorate with a very status quo esthetic.  Their homes have that  “hey…look I like to shop at all the same place’s that everybody else does so that I don’t look too showy or pretentious.”

The final category are for those that like to have their homes be the “over stylized glamourized emporium’s”.  Their room’s are usually a showplace that says…”hey look at me I’m a success!”   They represent a certain taste level that either the designer felt was appropriate at the time it was created, or perhaps they were thinking “this is what I liked when I walked into the closest furniture showroom”.

Those who usually DIY-it…usually feel that their taste is so much better than any “designer” can come up with-and have a great deal of pride knowing that they  saved a lot of money too.  Perhaps thinking “not only I’m a designer-but I’m smart too!”

Furniture showroom’s or design studios can be very beautiful and attention grabbing, we all can be captivated by a beautiful room they can be very inspiring.  So whether your style is slick and modern with a need for minimalism, or high traditional with a wide selection of fabrics with trims, pillow collections, and ginger jars.  I feel true interior design is a collection of elements that can literally be a 3D piece of art and like with all art-it is subjective.  Because what I like…someone else may despise.

So what separates good design from bad?  Well…that is the age old question.  It’s not that creating a basic room with pretty things is bad design.  Determining good design is more of a question of how you feel in that room.  So many homes fall into those basic categories that I have already discussed:

Basic Needs-Utilitarian Décor-No style or substance.

Classic Suburban Status Quo “I shop there too…we have so much in common!”

Highly Stylized Glamourized Emporiums-Please do not touch anything and for gosh sakes if you have to sit there…make it quick.  Because I will need to fluff that pillow again.  These EMPORIUM’s can be “designer” induced inspirations…or an individual’s compilation of self mutilation by bad taste singing the cliché phrase of “but look how much I saved.”

Either way the question at hand is what makes good design?  Huge-huge question…so my answer is of course multi-layered:

  • Comfort
  • Welcoming
  • Stylish
  • Interesting
  • Attention to Detail
  • Warmth
  • Collected

Well designed rooms are more than a pretty room…a well designed room evokes a feeling of WELCOME, come in, and sit for awhile.  That is why with so many taste levels and style preferences you see why it is difficult to say what is good design and what is bad.

My personal favorite to live in…is a bohemian inspired, with a collected-eclectic vibe…wow that is a mouthful.  Here are some pictures of some commercial and residential designs that have a very unique vibe.  These kind of environments make me happy!   I love a room where I can’t stop looking around…taking it all in.  Where I want to touch and discover something new and unique at every turn.  Those environments tell me that who ever created this…is interesting and very creative, and I need to know them.  “Pretty” rooms, say nothing about who lives there…or maybe it does…and that might be “that I don’t really have much to say”.


This is a fresh, new, and exciting-detailed and inviting all at the same time commercial space.  Real plants are huge again, love the mix of new and vintage furniture pieces combined, and the use of scale large and small…excellent job!


Loving the teal tile in classic hex pattern and the factory styled windows.  Personally the table (perhaps a gray marble) and rug could have been slicker…I know everyone’s a critique.


Loving the thrift art…personally I would done a lot more…perhaps a whole wall in the back!


Use of color…BRAVO…arrangement needs to be on left of the mantle!  Always start with highest element on the left…we read left to right.

Maybe that is the reason that I have always preferred to be called a Home Stylist versus an Interior Designer, a room needs to have a sense of STYLE to evoke interest…not just pretty fabric.

Thanks for stopping by!


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