Is it Accept or Except…



The place was Windsor Elementary school in the northwest suburb’s of Chicago…and at this particular moment we where in the middle of changing classes. Passing through the hallway’s to our next class when my fourth grade English teacher needed to “call me out” in the front of all the “popular” kids (of course). He needed to choose that particular time to let me know that I couldn’t put two words together to save my life. There…there it was…my first public shaming.

Life holds so many vast experience’s, some really good and of course, the contrast…the really bad. As a child I had so many concepts of what would evolve in my own life. Constantly trying to project and visualize what my destiny would look like.

Never realizing that as I sit here…at what many would refer too as the mid point in my LIFE, and strangely enough I still feel so profoundly strong in the fact that “I have nothing, but to me I have everything”. Maybe a little to altruistic…but the truth.

I find this phrase to be somewhat of a personal victory slogan for myself, perhaps a silent one, but either way I have been able to find total bliss and acceptance of self, no matter the circumstance. Don’t get me wrong I will still have those moments of doubts and fears…but thankfully they’re just moments.

My story is not a reflection of a life gone by too quick with unfulfilled promises, nor even a story of a tragic incident that prevented a destiny. No…if anything this is a thank you note to myself for believing , trying, and aspiring. I have done a lot with the little that I had, what I have done and accomplished would barely strike an interest to others. But for me it was enough.

I have lived a very simple, ordinary, far less extraordinary life then many. So why does this deserve your attention? It doesn’t…if anything…while so many try so hard to achieve something that says “hey look at me…look at what I did…aren’t I special”? While in fact I enjoyed the reverse. I spent a lifetime discovering what makes me happy…what brings me peace…I spent many years creating and allowing and finally graduating with a degree of “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME”…which is strictly a self applied degree.

The reason that is so important is because when it all comes down to it…your the only one that needs to be comfortable with yourself. Once that occurs, then you are a success.

I think that so many are just trying to “figure out” how to obtain happiness and peace, along with a certain level of financial peace and safety. That when you mix that in with all the other day to day family or self-survival basics we become so programmed to routines and standard protocol, that we forget what life is about. To me life is about discovering and allowing

I have seen so many walks of life, the financially affluent, to those who don’t understand how they will get through the following day. We all have…such different CONCEPT’S about success and survival. I have personally experienced times where the money was flowing in and other times where it had completely dried up. So I know all about the dualities of life what it can bring.

This “everything” is a knowing, someplace deep inside you that no matter what happens…you will get through. This sense of self (accept)ance is not a suit of armor that you wear to protect yourself from the world with all of it’s many advantages and disadvantages. No, it’s more of a coat of accepting, accepting of self and others.  Which is a lot easier said then done. I feel that we are bred to be competitive, it’s our natural instinct…and with FACEBOOK? That forum allows you to strengthen and sharpen those skills daily.

We have such a dichotomy of personalities in the world, their are those who basically have no care or sensitivity to anyone but themselves, some over-give only to end up truly hating themselves, and then their are the silent ones, who are just plain afraid of everything. You would need to be a touch schizophrenic to even think you can be accepted/excepted by all.

So…I guess the magic word here is ACCEPT…yes that is the correct word in this case “accept”.  I feel that we all need to incorporate this word in our lives now, and for those who need a quick grammar refresher:

Except-To “leave out”.

Accept-To receive.

So that’s it…I just reduced the total life experience to a single word…ACCEPT. Yes, I can hear the mass gawful as I type this out, but is it really that simplistic and that over generalized. We as human’s just like to make life so very complicated. To ACCEPT yourself with all of gift’s and flaw’s is the true essence of life.  That gift will then allow you to achieve a sense of peace and well being…then you shall receive without exceptions.


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