I’m Flipping Out…


Love this show…and it is finally back on!  I was missing me some Jeff Lewis.  This take no shit Designer…has always got me dvr’ing this fab show.  Perhaps…because he says exactly what we designer’s want to say but can’t….or to afraid too???

Either way…this season has got me hooked already.  First he was just “flipping” homes and when the market when bad…he went into private client’s for design work.


This man’s eye for color, line and detail is amazing!  Though Jeff…this pic…really?  Your rug needs to be a touch bigger!  But I’m sure that you already know that.

So back to the show…Gage and Jeff are expecting!  Yeah…congratulations…he is back to flipping.  I believe because of this exact quote on pic below.


I feel your pain Jeff…when ever you mix money and creative control…you can very easily go to crazy town.  Jeff even said on tonight’s premiere…it starts out nice…then soon the dark side comes out…not his exact words…but I’m sure you’re picking up…what I’m putting down.

So watch, dvr, stream…run to donot walk this guy is tough and a huge control freak…but great entertainment!  Oh…and huge animal LOVER!  Bravo-Wednesday’s at 9:00.



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