Design, Decorate but Style Trumps All…


No matter what you like Traditional, Modern, Rustic, Transitional, Bohemian all of these forms of interior expression’s can be uniquely your own.

Some people can find comfort in all of these style’s…while some may just like partial elements of  each of these style directions.   Then you have the others that can be totally repelled by the mere sight of these décor directions.



Some will prefer color…while others will prefer neutrals.


No matter what your desire…the ONE thing that all these avenues must have…is a form of STYLE!


Because this is what truly makes a house a home…their own personal STYLE…imprinted all over it.

If not…your just warehousing furniture.


Along with the fact that most are just warehousing their furniture…another area of home décor that seems to get lost…is accessory placement.

Some can do this correctly…while most just gather and place.

So people the moral of this little story…is hire, hire, and yes hire an expert to help you pull things together to create a great look for your home.  Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation, not a place that just holds a bed and sofa…a place to sit and sleep.  If you can’t find anyone in your area then email:

because they do “house calls” all around the country…to help you with your decorating dilemma’s.  Email them today for help and pricing.





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