5 Points to Keep your Coffee Table on Point…


Is your cocktail/coffee table styling on point?  When discussing the “art” of accessories I have one favorite phrase, “everything is the art of placement”.

Accessories will truly make or break a room so why after creating such a beautiful space…why would you drop the ball now?  The cocktail table is one of the main showcases of the room only taking second place if there is a fireplace mantle in the same room.

So here are some great tips that will help even those who feel “accessory challenged”.

1.  Yes…I know that we have heard it so many times before to work with “odds”.  But seriously try to stay in the slow lane if your someone that needs a lots of tips or diagrams to create a cohesive look with accent pieces.  Start by working with 3 to 5 separate items, leave the higher numbers to the seasonal décor-razzi’s…they can totally work in over 5 items without a net and have it look fabulous.

2.  Create height levels for interest…no…not by gathering people of different heights…around the coffee table.  This is more about creating those height levels with books and pedestals.  This is also a great way of featuring small special objects that might seem lost if not presented correctly.

3. I LOVE a touch of anything organic.  Whether it is real or faux it is very important to put these things in the mix.  Plants, flowers, shells, or anything that is inspired from nature.  Select some of your more treasured pieces…I mean lets be honest people are sitting so close…they will see all the chips and dings.  So put your best stuff out on the “ct”.

4.  Trays, trays and more trays…these will be your best friends.  This is where you house and have a great starting point of texture and color which helps draw the eye in.

5.  Last but not least…we cannot always afford to completely re-do a room every few years.  But we can afford to change those featured accessories  more often to give your room a fresh look.  So if your accessories have been “hanging around” for awhile then maybe it is time to rethink and perhaps recycle!


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