The True Cost…


It saddens me to write this particular blog post…not only because I have been a long time lover of the fashion industry and of course a consumer of the stores/companies that have been extorting clothing for the lowest dollar possible at the risk of human lives.

I personally was completely unaware of this epidemic…yes I choose to call it an epidemic due to the fact that our WANTS have been exchanged for so little.  This blog post will possibly only serve as a awareness factor to several and if that is all it can do; that is fine.  But I think that if you can watch this incredibly well made documentary on the high cost of “fast fashion” you might think twice before picking 3 to 5 tee shirts at one of your favorite “quick fix fashion location’s”.

My eye’s have been opened now to the true cost behind “fast fashion”.  Why do they call it fast fashion?  Because of the high demand from western corporations for low cost goods and the inhumane labor inflicted on those in third world countries like Bangladesh and others.  Companies that make these demands are many…but here are just a few:

H & M


Forever 21

This documentary is shedding a light on the very dark side of a beauty industry.  Fashion is now one the of the leader’s of planetary pollution.  I feel that we as consumer’s can each do at least one thing to help stop this epidemic from growing even more out-of-control.  No don’t worry you still can get your Starbucks and drive your Escalade’s, it is nothing radical…you won’t even damage one of your Nex Gen manicured nails.  Just buy less.

In other words…do you really need 5 white tee shirts every time you see them on sale for $8.00?  If we simply adjust the AMOUNT  or number of items that we purchase…and loose the philosophy “I just throw it out, it only cost me $8.00”; even this will help problem immensely.

See nothing huge, no major sit-ins, or protest marches or rallies,  just simply STOP BUYING SO MUCH!  It is time to stop wasting money on binge buying sessions because it is not our closet’s that we need to fill.  So…spread the word and BUY LESS!

Our landfills and the lives of so many might actually profit from buying less!


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