1 Basic Step in Finding Happiness in LIFE…

Choosen LIFE...

I have searched, read, and FEEL that de-coding some of life’s greatest mysteries for personal development is really quite simple!

I find the thought process of human dynamics-on how we relate to one another so incredibly fascinating!

My personal answer is simply…to stop obsessing and start embracing, by finding our own individual strength through the power of our choices.

To me using this very simple statement:  “this is something that I DO NOT CHOOSE to have in my life…so I choose to move on and I’m not waiting for your validation.” 

This in a nutshell is the catalyst to obtaining your own personal power.  Period…THE END!

Because you’re either transitioning in life your transgressing (to impede-not allowing forward movement).



Stop finding and discovering the step’s to what you did you wrong, what you could have done better, or how you should perceive the situation that has you tormented.

Stop pleading with others to fill up your bucket of what you are needing and learn to fill it up on your own!

Don’t know how ?  Learn!  This is the true passion of life…your needed soul’s  purpose!  The rest is just noise!

Mic drop!






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