Game of Thrones 2016…

OK…one more home…then I will stop!  Found this little lovely number while on line.  Let’s just call this one “ode to life”…simple on the outside complex on the inside!


Classic suburb home that can literally be down the street from you…right?


You walk in the main door to see typical living space.  But then if the owner so chooses to truly invite you in…to the true expression of his soul!  Surprise…no IKEA here!


By no means any desired look that I personally could call home…but love the fact that the true essence of this person’s home has to be discovered if and when the owner chooses…and not just out there for everyone to see.


The cut work on this door and ceiling carry a monster expense!



Hello…huge money…HUGE!  A touch castle for me…I wonder if they keep a dragon in the dungeon (basement)?

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