Recently my niece’s experienced one of the subtle cruelties of the human experience when desiring to have a true connection with friends.  Sadly this disappointment has no prejudices and it can touch each and every one us at any point in our lives.


1. Listen-to people.

2. Be excited to see people.

3. Help make others feel good.

4. You will meet good and bad people…learn the difference.  Be generally polite to those who you do not choose to know and hopefully it will be visa versa. Truly embrace those that inspire, support and encourage your journey.

5.  Be yourself.

6.  Ask them what they care about.

7.  Be nice!

8.  The bigger person is the one that let’s the other friend win…by losing an argument.

Most of all…always remember that you should never find yourself victim of other  people’s bitterness, smallness or insecurities.  Remember things could be worse…you could be them!



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