After helping my niece Miss Madison with her report on Jane Erye for school, (maybe I should now refer to her as Ms. Madison) I found her insights very interesting for such a young women.

I felt so connected and proud that she had such a complete understanding and allegiance to Miss Eyre’s determination to carry on.  So proudly proclaiming herself as a feminist!  I told her that I was glad that she knew of this desired strength at such an early age.  But I also told her that I feel that the word feminist just seems so “dated” and trailing such negative connotations from the past.  I stated…we should create or find a new word…that represents a strong and determined women. Someone that is not afraid to find her own vision in life and understands that setbacks do not determine our future’s desires or projection.

Here are some lessons that a women named Bronte wrote in a 1847 novel about another woman by the name of Jane Eyre…let us all find our are own inner Jane Erye.

  1. You can overcome your past-no matter how bad it is!  Life is to short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.

  2. Your will…shall decide your future.

  3. Loving and respecting yourself is essential and is the key to independence.

  4. Be positive.

  5. Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do something just because your a women, your age, or your education!  Allow no one set limits on you!

  6. Your always stronger than you think!

  7. Beauty is always in the eye of the gazer.

  8. The possibilities for life are endless for the those who take risks.

  9. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

  10. If you choose to be married…do it for LOVE…true LOVE!

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