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Social media obviously changed everything for the good and the bad.  It has revolutionized communications-media, actually I cannot think of a field that has not been catapulted light years with these sensational avenues.  Though I understand their importance I find myself with little to no desire to maintain any type of presence short of this blog through social media.

Like others I found myself initially involved and enticed, but with time became bored and found little amusement. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin to name a few.  But like I have said, I soon would fall flat with little to no desire to foster and maintain the appropriate presence.

Just recently a friend of mine moved here to Dallas from Chicago and was searching for a job.  This person had been on Linkedin for quite awhile so you would think that it would be the best place to research job contacts.  Nope, actually the job lead was created “old school” style.  I referred this person to someone that I met…they exchanged emails…and voila…interview number two is coming up.

Though most of my profiles have been removed (really hidden) because nothing can ever be removed completely from the internet.  I understand the desire and see how people enjoy the social media platforms.  Such as Pinterest…though I really don’t “pin” that much any more nor use it as a marketing platform for my blog, I mostly use it for inspiration.

Now Facebook…well let’s just say that I see how people can use it for keeping in contact…mostly secretively spying.  With cyber stalking and cyber bulling and people’s false sense of feeling “liked” can be quite sad.  In fact creating a false sense of having so many “friends” is about the equivalence to being rich with Monopoly money.

Main point here…find a balance when using these “super-powers”, understand that people need “proper” communications in their lives.  TALK with others face to face, go out and do something crazy like say hello to someone as they’re passing you on the street.  They might want to “friend” you…or perhaps even “like” you…without caring or knowing anything about what you ate at that hot new restaurant or where you went on vacation!

1. Be Polite!

2. Be Polite!

3. Be Polite!

4. Be Polite!

5. Be Polite!

6. Be Polite!

7. Be Polite!

8. Oh! And Be Polite!

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