Chic and Cozy Bedroom…

I always decorate the bedroom first…for so many reasons.

Mainly because it is your ULTIMATE sanctuary and it needs to be cozy, comfortable and most of all relaxing!


So many factors can play into creating a chic and cozy room no matter the budget.  Yes, it is more challenging to create the right balance of being chic and practical…but it can absolutely be done with a tight budget.

Here are some of the areas that you need to work on when bringing together your bedroom no matter the budget.

1.  Lighting-Make sure that your nightstands or bedside pieces have table lamps.  Watch the scale…too small and not in proportion to the bed may look…CHEAP!  Ceiling fixtures-try not leave an inexpensive fixture such as builder grade up.  If your in a rental…either remove it (temporarily) or use my favorite trick of all by placing a lampshade over the existing fixture. Obviously this depends on the actual fixture, but look for an over-sized lampshade preferably a drum…and Voila!



2. Sheets and duvet…first off if you are still using a top sheet then you might want to try considering eliminating it…just make sure that your duvet is washable.  Try using two duvets…especially important for the “his and her” aspect…then no need to worry about cover hogs.  Plus, try using cross coordinating duvets with two or more patterns on the bed, this is extremely eye catching.


3. Drapes…hang the rod at the highest point…to the ceiling so that allows the window to appear larger.  If you can have custom….obviously have them properly measured to hang correctly.  If using panels, then make sure that you use several panels on each side and use two colors, attaching the second color like a band on the bottom of the main color panels in order to extend the length to the floor.  Because most pre-made panels are only able to be purchased at one length.



4. You are creating an atmosphere, use candles, throws, wall decor, elements of nature-it is all about layers.  Create interest with the wall behind the headboard with color, tone or texture because that is the impact wall.

5.  My last tip is to have the bed look like you can jump into at any second…and not looking like it needs velvet ropes around it…so that no one will touch it.  You want the room to be welcoming…especially after a long day at work!  Clutter kills cozy…and I’m not into perfect room settings by any means.  I LOVE an artfully designed area of piled books and stuff; but stacks of clothes, papers, and just general catch all things need to be put away!  Or at least have a Monica’s closet (from Friends) you know that place where you stash everything, and hope that you never have to open the door for awhile.


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