What I’m Obsessing Over this Week…

Tortoise Shell Print…

A client was searching for something with a tortoise shell print on it and I thought I had remembered a particular piece that we did have in the studio.

So when I went to search it out…it was as though I had never seen it before.  The richness of colors umber and black…layered on this 3 drawer chest was so inviting.

I LOVE a good statement piece of furniture.  It is as though you set the whole room…in a usual design format and then…out of no where this great piece just seems to scream “come look at me”…it is like a quiet seduction.

It is like life sometimes, you need to take some time and really look at things because we are all going so fast that we don’t always really notice things.  And as you look closer taking a second glance (to review the space).  Something catches your eye…it’s not gaudy or tacky but it’s just sitting there quietly…making that needed statement of elegance to complete the ambiance of the room.


tort shell

Tort Shell Mirror

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