Style Crushing…

I have never really coveted other people’s homes large or small…but what I can seriously crush on…are elements of certain homes.

I have very eclectic taste, maybe because I am an interior designer!?!! Maybe because I have seen so many homes with so many different styles that they all start to run together after awhile.

But it is the attention to details-elements of obscurity that captures this girl’s attention!

Home Crush 3

I LOVE details, organic elements, combination of multiple textures and How about a TREE in the middle of your house?  Yes please!

Home Crush 1

Mixing old and new, layering art instead of always hanging (to typical)!

Home Crush

Mixing chair sizes and styles, coordinating missed matched fabrics, blending modern and traditional!

Home Crush 2

If it looks like you bought it all in one place…not interested…I need the mix!


What are the home elements that you are crushing on?

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2 thoughts on “Style Crushing…

  1. Texture has been huge for me lately! Also, I love that you mentioned having a mix of things rather than it looks like everything came as a set. I like thinking about having friends and family have their favorite seat in my living room, or favorite mug to use after dinner. I always crush on huge windows with lots of natural light. Hard to find that in a Chicago rental, but a girl can dream!


    • Hi Lydia…So glad that you agree. Being from Chicago myself now a transplant in Dallas…you can still create magic in a rental! Just a little more imagination! Email me here if you have a pic a question on a design dilemma. Thanks for stopping by! Inspire


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