Never Would Have Thought of That…

Building a home?


Some fun things not to forget to think about!


Perhaps a jetted sink in the laundry room for your dedicates?


Speaking of cleaning things how about a doggy shower in the mud room?

Drying R

Built in drying racks in the laundry area for those dedicates.


How about an ingenious way to hide money or even jewels?


Tired  of wrestling with cookie sheets…nice!


How about having your names engraved on the wood floor in a corner…for all those that come after you…to see?


I LOVE using the negative space…here they used the spaced between the joists…amazing!


How about this…for those to small reach!


My personal favorite…a laundry shoot in secondary bath upstairs!  It is these details that used to go into homes all the time. But like everything else with time…gets removed.  So if building a new home…concentrate on the details…because it is the FINISHING TOUCHES that really count.


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