I have a LOVE/HATE with Flat Panel TV’s…

TV-Grid TV-Fire TV-Shelves TV Wall


Whether you do a symmetrical grid around the TV with complimentary frames or hang shelves above the TV at least what these pictures are trying to show you is…how to pull an interest to a wall that could very well be unattractive because of that big black box.

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2 thoughts on “I have a LOVE/HATE with Flat Panel TV’s…

  1. Well, I guess one must put it somewhere.. Although we don’t have a TV at all. But I’m sure there’s an attractive looking solution somewhere..and I wouldn’t overload the wall with additional frames.


    • Hi Mirabili: Thanks for stopping by…that is the beauty of Interior Design…so many opinions and possible directions. To me it is all about balance…if this was a direction that one of my clients had chosen. I might recommend using less and larger framed images to take your eye from the TV position. Main emphasis here with this possible option (grid formula) of multiple pieces hung on a wall…would be great for a secondary smaller sitting room and not the main living area in fear of possible too much going on in the same room. Thanks for your input.


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