Blogs…I find them fascinating they’re a glimpse into the minds and desires of total strangers.  But what I would like to know is…what makes a BLOG good?

For some a blog is about taking pictures of the their daily outfits or close up shots of a plate of food they ordered that day. Or perhaps it is their deep thoughts expressed in poems or short stories.  While others love to post places that they travel too and lets not forget those that post stuff about nothing important; or their daily trials and trivializations while carrying themselves through life.

Either way…some profit highly off the blogs that they create by paid advertiser’s and some just enjoy the free expression while others marvel at the amount of followers.

I can honestly say…that much of the above subject matters of daily outfits and food presentations bores me silly…sorry to say.  But here in the bloggasphere…where the space is free for total expression.  Where we can share our truths, where we can write about our own convictions and with no stipulations stated by someone else’s criteria.

Any whooo…getting back to what makes a blog good?  I happen to stumbled upon one truly by accident, though “they” say that there is no such thing as accidents, it is called RESTART URGENTLY NEEDED.  Her short stories of growing up as her country that was destroyed by war, touched me.  The words she used describing her experiences were extremely simple.  Explaining that English was not her first language…but that was the part I liked.  I like the rawness (unprotected-not guarded) of her words…as she spoke her truths…not trying to stand on pretense or in fear of choosing the right stance to express her thoughts.

So…in conclusion what makes a good blog?

It is this RAWNESS…I feel that we all should incorporate in our own lives, no this not about being crude…more about being comfortable in our own limitations.  Why are we always trying to out shine, win at all costs, feel superior, or simply trying to reduce others in order to feel better than.  Yes, I know what the answer is…it is… FEAR!  But knowing the answer does not always come with an automatic set of patience.

On I’m not trying to change the world’s perception of others…or improve on their limitations, that is their own problem.  More like…trying to continually challenge my own perspective and how I see the world.  Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Blogging…

  1. Agreed. Rawness is essential.


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