The art of being your own person…

PersonTo be the best you…you choose to:

1. Be Proactive or Reactive – do you choose to set goals, plan and remain focus until they are met or are you a victim of life’s events that occur around you?

2. Be Constructive or Destructive – are the habits you keep, behaviors you exhibit and predilections you include in your life building the life of quality you want or slowly destroying it? Eating, fitness, relationships, attitude, etc.

3. Be Helpful or Hurtful – do you step in with compassion or pounce on the downtrodden?

4. Have a work Ethic – do you give your absolute best even when it isn’t expected or needed, or do you give just enough to get by?

5. Be a Sponge or Stone – do you have an insatiable curiosity for life and continue to be a student beyond the classroom or are you satisfied with the status quo and just getting by?


And while actions are indeed powerful, some of the most powerful means to cheer someone up or pull someone down are by the words one chooses:


“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napoleon Hill

1. Diction – your word choice matters. Do you reveal yourself to be knowledgable or close-minded? Honest or deceitful? Observant or ignorant?

2. Tone – regardless of what you say, what feeling is created to those that hear you when you speak? Are you sincere or sarcastic, light-hearted or hurtful, comforting or cold?

3. Projection and Pitch – when you speak, do you command attention? Do you display yourself to be strong or meek, certain or doubtful?


1. Physical Health – one’s projection of good health conveys to others your good sense and respect for yourself. There is no certain weight, height or age that a brand can’t have, but rather an appearance of respecting what one’s body can do for them and caring for it accordingly conveys knowledge and potential for success in other endeavors as well.

2. Cleanliness/Grooming – when you project an image of cleanliness no matter what you wear, again you project self-confident and self-respect. If you are willing to look out for yourself and take care of yourself, a subtle level of trust has been built. Granted, depending upon your line of work, cleanliness may be relative – athletes, construction workers, fire-fighters, etc clearly have other more important objects to focus on than sweat stains, but a presentation of the understanding of it at the proper level is key.

3. Wardrobe – often the first impression of one’s appearance is the clothes one’s wears, and while we mustn’t judge a book by the cover, humans are visual and what they see, they respond to. Choose your “wrapping” carefully based on what the situation calls for. Depending again on your circumstance and the brand you want to build. For example, a person pursuing success in the fashion industry will have to dress differently than a farm-hand working on the ranch; however, dressing appropriately for the job will convey one’s preparedness and awareness of expectations.


1. Attitude – positive or negative, possible or impossible, hopeful or cynical. Do you approach life with a determination that your best days are in front of you or behind you? The attitude you convey will draw to you similar minded people, so be sure you draw whom you desire.

2. Internal Dialogue – what does the conversation in your mind sound like? Your thoughts predict your words and your actions, so be mindful to encourage supportive, positive repartee in your mind day in and day out.

Every single day, we project an image, an attitude, an idea of who we are out into the world which either draws the connections we want toward us or keeps them at bay. And while looking at our lives posthumously may provide much motivation to develop a brand we are proud of decades and centuries after we are gone, it is the rewards in the present that will be even more appreciated because, while establishing the brand you wish to convey will take time and much discipline, when you have created a habit of living in such a way that you are proud of, your entire life will be elevated – your mood, the quality of your days, your relationships and your relationship with yourself. All of which will cultivate a most amazing simply luxurious life of which could only happen with conscious effort and purposeful decision making.


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