Art of the bath…

If I’m looking for a way to lock out the world and have an immediate escape…I take a bubble bath.  Here are some must haves when taking that much needed time?


Wood tray for that mandatory glass of WINE! Or to place my book on!


Yes…almost this many…and various heights!

For those who are afraid to use candles…well try a shower then-because your missing the whole point, or use batter operated candles.


If I had to choose…I would also prefer the faucets in the middle.  I’m tall and I need room to stretch!


Of course the most important ingredient of all…the bubbles or salt…or both!  I LOVE to take old unique booze bottles and fill them with salts and and homemade Bath Bubbles!

Homemade Recipe:

1 Cup of Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

1/4 Cup of Pink or Sea Salt

1/2 Cup o Vegetable of Glycerin

Drops of Essential Oils of your Choice: Lavender-Relax, Pepermint-Sore Muscles, Lemon-Summer Refresh

The best an cheapest escape there is!  Enjoy the “art of the bath”!



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