What does your signature say…


Estee Lauder

I remember when I was young I was fascinated by one of my Mom’s perfume bottles…most importantly the way this particular  bottle of “Aliage” had such a distinct signature on it.

I was fascinated by the name Estee Lauder, and how the name was signed.

Forget what I learned in “penmanship”, I want to write like this.   So I literally parked myself in front of that bottle and practiced and practiced that name until I felt that I could get that same flowing look!


Your handwriting can say a lot about you!  They deep curve of your Y’s, how high you cross your T’s, do you write and print within the same word.  Obvious you can find out what your signature says about you by “googling” handwriting analysis.

In first pic on top you will see a very cool way to address letters…makes you want to send a few today.


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