But I just want to know…


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Designing-decorating whatever verb you want to attach to the simple act of creating an environment of safety and comfort in your home can create serious divides.  Those great divides come in the area of proper style direction based on many factors money, age, culture and region.

These divides can also occur when someone determines what they feel is the “right look” for now, or a given time period.  As we all know when designing a room or rooms, there’re so many style’s to select from.  Some are so basic, that they’re easily selected by the masses.  But as designer’s we are there to help direct clients and most importantly guide them to a level that they might not have chosen on their own.

Yes of course there is good design and bad, we all have seen it, that is why most will choose “safe” or mainstream design choices when creating a room.

But what most need to know, when designing their homes is that you can never NOT time stamp your home.  Period!  No matter how hard you try there will always be a ten year period that will elapse and create an element of being dated.

Personally what I get a little tired of is that “designer’s” can come across demanding.  Insisting that there is only one choice based on their own style estatic on how to complete a project.  This myopic perspective is very tiresome, but it is as common as water.  But I feel that there is a drought in design industry of collective understanding, “we” are there to help a chosen client simply place their sofa in the right place and help coordinate a pleasant living space.  Not every design job is an opportunity to get you a place in Elle Decor magazine.  Let’s not take ourselves so seriously and try, I mean try to leave your ego on the doormat where it belongs.

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One thought on “But I just want to know…

  1. I love this post! It’s so on point!


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