Whats trending now…



Soft pinks with heather grays!



Romantic floral prints!



New color combinations!



Fashion-Sea Glass Colors

Trend spotting is a favorite pass time (some like sports…and some don’t) of mine-so here is the up date for 2015-16 fashion and home.

Fashion and home trends run simultaneously, not saying that you should hang the latest “little black dress” as your new curtains.  It is more about understanding that certain color and style directions could be strong for the upcoming seasons.

This trend marketing information is there because the consumer is constantly demanding a “new” feel in all areas of lifestyle.

Prime example, the colors that are growing in strength and interest are the “sea glass shades”.  Home trends are using these “new” shades and applying them in the next home design trend of mid-century modern.

The forecasters, yes there’re actually counsels  that gather to project these valuable next trends.  In order to help all designer’s from both the home and fashion arenas to better target what the consumers will spend their money on.

That is also why…they target the younger market because they’re constantly looking for the new, different and most importantly something exciting.

If and when the trend accelerates and becomes a mass hit, then those who are on the far end of the target market timeline might actually pick up and follow…thus creating a successful trend projection.

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