The ART of placement…

Home Accents


When I had my storefront…I had a statement hand painted in the front window that read…

         “Everything is the art of placement.”

Being a designer for years I have seen many of homes…and I feel that what ever their tastes are for furniture style, placement and even cost.  The main issue that runs through all homes is the IMPROPER placement of accessories in any given room!

I have seen it time in and time out no matter the budgets that are involved.   I have also seen a couple of designer’s actually try to put together books or information on proper guidelines of “placing” accessories.  Believe it or not, there’re some guidelines or general rules that should always be applied.

But it seems that no matter the information that there’re some that just don’t care and go all rogue and just put stuff out anywhere.   With no care or thought of how it will look.  What? Crazy talk I say!

OK…seriously.  Here are some tips when trying to risk “going it on your own”.  Though I will say…please seek outside assistance if you feel your table tops should house all of your vacation souvenirs throughout your entire home.


First are you a symmetrical or asymmetrical person…the same mirrored, or one side heavy as it goes lighter to the other side?

Either way…asymmetrical…is always high on the left.  This principle quite universal, so use a single lamp or a single tall vase to create that impact first.  Then place elements throughout entire surface that will help balance out the largest lead element on left. Such as a stack of books a collection of vases.  Always remember odds, not counting the lamp or large element.  So whatever you cover the surface with, please use at least 3 pieces and the stack of books should be between 3 to 5, and that consists as a single element. Meaning that you need 2 more pieces of varies heights and texture to create a great visual presence.  This is a great number for a 36″ surface or smaller.  For larger surfaces 48″ to 72″ use two lamps and try to incorporate no more than 5 elements on the surface. The current trend is LESS IS MORE!

Stay tuned for more Accessory Tips to come!

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