To all those who are open enough to…

embrace new perspectives in life!

New Year

Many try to ASPIRE to different directions as the new year arrives, perhaps even challenging themselves to look outside their own

comfort zones.


What makes some succeed while others stay on the sidelines?


Qualities of those that push through in life no matter the obstacles:

1.  They don’t let lack of resources stop them.

2.  They don’t obsess about what others think of them.

         (They are concerned about people’s well being but they have little care or patience for the negative opinions from others about themselves).

3. They don’t put things off until next week.

4. They don’t like to compete or compare…their story is unique and they’re only interested trying to better themselves from yesterday.

5. They don’t find joy in people pleasing.

(They are more interested in the quality of their relationships not quantity.   They’re aware that not everybody gets along and most importantly there must be MUTUAL respect shared…or they move on.)

6. They don’t need constant reassurance.

(Hand holding is NOT their thing-they know that life is not always fair and things won’t always go their way, but they try to stay positive to move forward).

7.  They don’t require anyone’s permission to act.

(They fully embrace that there is more than ONE Perspective in the world and find it difficult that others cannot also embrace and understand that).

8.  They NEVER quit because of minor set-backs.

9.  They don’t live in a bubble of COMFORT.

10. They don’t make excuses!

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3 thoughts on “To all those who are open enough to…

  1. prospermind says:

    Perfectly said!
    Best wishes,
    prospermind. 🙂


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