What is her SECRET?

 You can be alluring to some and not to all…

but most of all be it for yourself!


What is her secret? I used Marilyn’s image because it is so iconic to so many that found her very alluring.

Tell us about this secret that certain women seem to pocess(a woman with confidence to override and obtain). We may feel that “some” woman can obtain certain things that we secretly wish to have ourselves. You can fill in the blank of what that need is…because what one person admires, another might be repulsed by.

Personally I feel, that there’re certain protocols that one might have over the other to create and heighten a sense of allure or mystery.

Those Protocols:

Being very aware and applying the fact that they do not need to be all things to all people!

Those who desire their attention(alluring women) know that men need to provide the right elements (emotionally)…so that they may see if that fits in with what they desire in their own lives…not the other way around!  Your not auditioning…so stop selling something! LADIES did you write that one down?

They never give excuses…ever!

They lean back, in life and in their chairs, because leaning forward is masculine and directing.  They know that they’re there to receive MORE into their lives.  Not PROVIDE more (masculine energy).

People LOVE to JUDGE-they don’t care what others think!

They command by their quiet presence and limited body language. Class clowns and those who need to demand attention…need to step to the rear of the bus please.

These are all elements to help you aspire to your own essence of allure.  But if you need background of the ones’ that helped build the foundation of a siren…then here are the original prototypes:

1. Goddess-Entraps admirers by playing hard to get.

2. Companion-Good person to talk too.

3. Sex Kitten-Advert sexuality.

4. Competitor-Spars in the business arena.

5. Mother-Madonna/Child-Emotional spiritual connection.

All of these fulfill some of the needs that the male dreams of. There is not a one-size-fits all standpoint.

What you need to do is create your own essence from the examples above, possibly blending them to create your own unique feminine allure.

But the most important part of all-is accepting and embracing that all MEN are FABULOUS!  In their own way!  But that doesn’t mean that each and everyone has what you need, or vice versa…for dating or any other type of serious connections.  It is your job to find that right connection by being selective.

Men are not the enemy to be divided or concord…your self-doubt is.

True BEAUTY is more of a force of personality.

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