Style? Is that next to the apples or in aisle 4 next to the cereal?

I have had a lot of emails requesting information on…how do I find my own style?

Well, no it’s not next to the coffee or in frozen foods.  But inside you!

Yep…it’s that easy!  If you are needing to look like everybody else, or do not feel comfortable when you wear certain items that you feel that are stylish, then you are still dressing for someone else’s approval-and not just for you.   You will make mistakes along the way:



We all do!  But that happens.  You can always tell when someone is so afraid of not appearing “perfect” or accepted by others. The energy that they create around themselves and others is unwelcoming and uptight.

So if your looking to appear relaxed, self accepting and a general vibe of someone who LOVES life.  Then just try to keep these things in mind when shopping for “stuff” to wear.


Whether your personal style is traditional, bohemian, goth, or whats next to the bed when you wake up.  That choice is yours.


If this is not a desire to even care what people think of your style…then don’t bother reading anymore.


Yes…honing your own individual style has it’s caveats. First, in business situations, no one needs to see your va-jay-jay in the business arena, unless that is your business, selling your va-jay-jay!



When you see everybody else wearing it…stop wearing it or don’t it wear as much (aka-trend of boots tucked into pants). Your creating a look for you…not a stamp of BLENDING! Blending in with the crowd is for a pedestrian look, and creating a style is not about blending.  That is like choosing the color beige for the walls in your home…not bad, just safe and everybody else does it!  


The key to STYLE is not to blend in, but it also not about being a side show extravaganza either.


Having a sense of style can be as subtle as a signature fragrance.


Style-Is as subtle as knowing that when you are wearing something that reflects your individuality and YOUR ESSENCE!   Then just a add a smile, be polite and Voila!


Price and the actual amount of items that you own has nothing to do with Style!

Hope this helps you out fellow fashionista’s and fashionistas in training.

Stay tuned!  Inspire

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