For the LOVE of Fashion…





OK…I think that you get the point!  Clean lines, simple forms, and missed matched prints call my name.  Even with my great LOVE for this art, I can barely tell you the names of the “new” and merging fashion designer’s.

Having my pulse on what is coming down the runway is not a huge desire…it’s mostly about a LOVE of nice clothes and admiration of great design!

But when Jennifer Lopez was recently on record discussing her fashion obsession. Which is that she personally finds those that pull together looks from many different labels, manufactures and more importantly stores that carry various price points-the most exciting! This is from a women who has the best stylists and more couture labels at her beckon call.

I can’t agree with her more; and when creating your own flare.  Versus literally pulling together a bunch of clothes that come from “certain” labels. So that you can be noticed as a “good” dresser because you are wearing “those” labels.

Instead think…why be typical…when you can be you!

Capt Obiv

Personally I have worn high, low and everything in between.  But you know what my favorite items have been? There was a time I was wearing a bunch of missed matched items from Bonne Volonte (a personal tag line I gave this store, which is French for Goodwill), for a short time…I was really into it.

I have a some experience in creating clothes from a literally a drawing. Creating the pattern and the whole nine yards (no pun intended). Those days are gone, today I no longer have the time nor the desire.  But my LOVE for fashion still prevails.

I truly LOVE to see unique simple pieces, that allow the women to carry to herself with an essence of style versus just being a  walking hanger of advertisement for a huge label.

So find you inner FASHIONISTA today! Because in the immortal words of Oscar Wilde…Everybody else is taken!

Go out and put your Fash-ON!

Triple x, Triple o


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