Art is so much more than a man’s first name…

So many feel that “art” is either a distant uncle, or something that you purchase to match the sofa.


Art…is so subjective it should probably be ranked among the difficult topics to discuss openly like religion and politics.


If you don’t know who Banksy is…this is his work!  He is a street/graffiti artist. His work is very controversial, not only because he is street artist which is considered illegal.  But also because his work is highly sought after and has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars…and many of his pieces have literally been removed from structures ( doors and walls).

Banksy works-stealth…nobody really knows what he looks like and according to Forbes magazine he has amassed around 20 Million for his collective pieces.


How ever you feel about his work, I think he is amazing!  With the combination of how he uses social media to create a buzz and hype, to the true messages behind his work!

To me the mark of a great artist is one that causes you to look beyond the image to see what the true meaning is. Whether you like it or not, or let alone want of hang it in your home, is not the point. He uses his brilliant mind to paint a very simple image of a subject matter that we all need to be more of aware of.

This British artist has put has literally put his mark on the world.  A great movie about his artistic “bombing” is called, Exit through the Gift Shop. Though many consider this lower level and his basic creativity starts with using stencil’s…he has done what many “artist’s” all yearn to do.  That is to be globally recognized and financially rewarded for his ART!


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