Ready Set…Decorate…

 XmaPXmas Porch

 It’s that time of the year again peeps…

Xmas P

I LOVE to see how people decorate for Christmas…there’re so many choices as far as color and especially style!  Whether you choose the classic red and green, green and gold, all white, red and silver, or my own personal favorite silver and gold.  What ever version you choose, it is not so much the color combinations but the total style presentation and layout that you create.

Xmapo Xmas po

Think total picture!  Color choice is the first layer, then you need to decide what will be your different impact areas.

Besides the tree, banister, work with the mantle or a table top presentation to create at least 3 areas of interest per room.  That doesn’t mean you have to create a 3 points of interest for every room, though some like to fill every nook and cranny.  But have at least 3 solid points of interest for main room/s. After you choose the impact areas, then work on different textures within the areas of interest.


When I’m selecting elements for decorating for the holidays I LOVE to choose from these combinations:

Colors-Silver and Gold

Natural Organic Elements- Flowers, Twigs or Feathers


Lights ( I prefer white )

Touch of Vintage and a Touch of Contemporary.

However your vision for holiday decorating comes to fruition…EN-JOY!


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